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Vastness and Knowing all thoughts


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I just felt like sharing some experiences that yogis had with the founder Shri Mataji of Sahaja Meditation. Very enlightening :

On the subject of vastness etc

My first experience of shoe-beating took place at Mr Brown’s house in North Gower Street in Euston, central London, in the mid 1970’s. I quote from my book:

‘Shri Mataji demonstrates a technique She calls ‘shoe-beating’, explaining that it can help to separate our attention from people we feel are affecting us in a negative way. She takes one of Her shoes, traces a name on the carpet with Her finger and then strikes the spot repeatedly with the sole of the shoe. Just as I am wondering if such symbolic acting-out is really necessary, the floor becomes suddenly transparent, and I find myself staring at a beautiful image of the planet Earth, which shines brilliantly against the vast blackness of space beneath Shri Mataji’s shoe.’

-Pat Anslow

What is behind is vast
One day, I was in Shri Mataji’s flat at Ashley Gardens, in Her living room. It was a wonderful warm yellow and red color scheme, very rich and regal looking, with thick Indian carpets on the floor. On this occasion, Shri Mataji was sitting on a sofa by the window. I sat on the floor and looked up at Her, and could see Her silhouetted against a clear blue sky. I thought, ‘Mother, You are so human and loving, but behind You is infinity.’ She picked up my thoughts.

‘What you see is Mataji, but what is behind is vast,’ She said.

Another time I was with Shri Mataji at Ashley Gardens and had picked my daughter up from school. It was a hot sleepy afternoon and She suggested we should all have a rest. We went into Her room and Shri Mataji lay down on Her bed with my daughter next to Her. I sat on the floor and meditated, as I didn’t feel very tired. They both looked so totally relaxed.
After some time, Mother and my daughter woke up. I asked Her if She was unconscious when She slept and She explained that when She slept She went from Her limited form into Her unlimited Self.

‘If I sleep, what will happen to the universe?’ She said.

When I first came to Sahaja Yoga, I foolishly asked Mother if She could know everything.

‘I can know all thoughts, words and deeds, past, present and future, simultaneously. But I can’t be bothered,’ She replied.