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Get help for your legal case
Please bring any court pleadings or divorce petition, etc. If you are merely contemplating divorce, we can discuss the divorce process, attorneys, custody, etc. (ie. you don't have to have filed for divorce in order to come to the Meetup)

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1777 Hamilton Avenue, Suite 1000 · San Jose, ca

Respond by: 12/3/2018

What we're about

The purpose of this group is 3-fold:

(1) Meet others who anticipate or are in the midst of legal, mediation or court-related issues surrounding divorce, child custody and financial support

(2) Obtain low-cost technical coaching including the opportunity for one-on-one coaching to help provide you with some needed clarity as you design your divorce or attempt to resolve your post-divorce issues, and obtain some tools and resources for achieving a successful outcome while minimizing legal costs.


(3) To be aware that there is a low-cost 10-hour How-to-Divorce class offered in multiple locations in the South Bay through Adult Education programs and non-profit organizations (developed and taught by me) to assist persons in all stages of pre- and post-divorce.

If you are considering separation, it is important to immerse yourself in divorce education as early on as possible in order for you to succeed in building your legal roadmap and help you avoid the the common pitfalls. And if you are already entrenched in the legal system, learn where to obtain options, strategies, and resources for successful resolution. You can lean on members for technical support - get helpful tips, clever strategies, and fabulous resources. The group can even proofread your proposed filing! Learn what has worked, and hasn't worked, for members in trying to resolve family conflicts or succeed in court.

This may be the first group of its kind - a divorce group with a technical focus, not an emotional one, though you are sure to emotionally benefit by gaining the knowledge and resources necessary to help you succeed in or out of court. The divorce industry is skilled at embroiling parents deeper in conflict while draining their financial resources, but it doesn't have to be that way.... with the combined wisdom, tips and strategies provided by those who have boldly gone before.

Articles/resources available for all topics - will provide at each mtg. Snacks too.

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