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So you’re divorced, over 40, and not in a romantic relationship. You couldn’t have found a better group (don’t tell the others and hurt their feelings).

Would you like to meaningfully connect with other people? Date people with similar life experiences? Form friendships with people who have also been there and done that? If yes, then consider this a personal invitation.

This group is:
Strictly 40+ and Divorced (& not in a romantic relationship)
For Men and Women
Welcoming & Inclusive
For those with kids, without kids, those who want kids, or don’t want kids

This group is not:
A support group for getting through divorce (but find one if needed & hang in there - we came out the other side & so will you).
For mean people

The end game is to create opportunities for us to connect regularly and meaningfully, primarily through “doing” things together. I have visions of regularly scheduled meals cooked together or cocktails mixed together (your place, mine, or a rented space), volunteer experiences, some easy & fun group obstacle courses, and whatever else you think would create a shared experience between us. Consistency is key.

I live in the city and will be hosting events in different areas of the city, but I'm eager for others in the group to serve as event hosts for events in the suburbs. Let me know if you're interested and I'll set you up as an event planner. I'm also looking for event hosts for additional events in the city.

Can’t wait to meet you all.

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