• The dark side of digitizing Starbucks lines.

    Tapingo Office

    Waiting in long lines sucks. Especially those you encounter every day when you wish to get your morning coffee. Solving this archaic problem seems to be pretty straight forward... If only we would have known what we're getting into... :) In this meetup we will talk about the technical implementation and product challenges we faced working with the biggest coffee brand in the world (Starbucks). Food, Drinks and obviously coffee will be waiting for you. Limited seats available.

  • Django Summer meetup TED style

    Google Campus Tel Aviv

    Hello Python speakers and Django lovers. It's been a long time since we all shared a cold beer and warm pizza (or vica versa if you were late) and talked about python web and the meaning of life. Many things have changed in the last year, one of them is that our small group grow big and there more than 300 Djangonauts. This summer our meetup is planned to take place at the shiny google campus in TLV. This time we are planning to have a few 15-20 minutes TED style talks (with some Q&A after)- If you want to take place and participate please contact me with a topic. Looking forward to see you Safo [masked] [masked]

  • Single-Page Applications and RESTful APIs with Django

    I'd like to suggest the topic of developing single-page applications and RESTful APIs with django and Javascript MV* frameworks. Particularly I'd be interested in giving a talk about building such applications with django-tastypie and Backbone.js.

  • Django 1.6 and more

    Desti Offices

    Hey all! The winter is coming and the time has come for us, python developers, to rise & shine once more! :). In this meetup we would like to cover the new features of Django 1.6 and as always, get to know new ideas/companies and the challenges they are facing. We are more than willing to host this great event again - however, in order to make sure people aren't getting bored with the location and the office design, other companies are welcome to offer their warm hospitality and shelter. Let us know if you wish to actively participate in the meetup by giving a short presentation on your company or simply by sharing a problem or a challenge with the group. Notice: The topic of the meetup might change based on the companies or people that take active roles in the meeting. See you there!

  • Django 1.5 updates & front-end technologies in practice

    Hey all, long time no see :). In order to make sure this group stays alive, we wanted to suggest the topic and the time for the next meetup. September is full with holidays and feasts so I had to postpone it just a bit. We are still more than happy to host the next meeting in our cool offices, Sushi & Sak'e this time... however, I do urge you all to either vote for the topic offered or even better - take a step forward and present your own company/project (Imri from http://www.desti.com/ , what do you say?!...). Members can RSVP 14 days before the meetup and can (and should) help out planning it. We also got a few requests to make it a bit more practical this time so people can actually code as part of the meetup (who stopped you from coding during the previous one?! :)). Be active! let us know what's in your mind. See you soon, Udi & the Tapingo team.

  • Challenges In Scaling Django Projects

    Tapingo Office

    We're going to be talking about the challenges we have been (and still are) facing when scaling our Django project and the practices by which we resolve them. An open discussion over pizza & beer. There's limited space, so make sure to RSVP before you arrive. Cheers!