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Private Game - Penumbra session 6
We left off with several party members taking a rest or helping the community of Fraron in their own ways. The rest of the party had dinner with the newly active and militant king. Gifted with gold, potions and a new enchanted sword our "heroes" have accepted a mission of peace to deliver a mysterious package to the leader of the village in Fog Valley... Bring your level 4 character sheet and ten thousand dollars in unmarked unsequential bills.

James' house

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What we're about

This group is about: Playing Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition rules), learning the game, and meeting other gamers. Games posted to this Meetup may be Public or Private (see below). The goal is to connect with, and get to know other friendly gamers, then form your own regular D&D group and enjoy the camaraderie and fun of a D&D campaign. This Meetup is based in the Long Beach, California area. Members, please respect the rules of this Meetup:

PUBLIC GAMES: We play D&D at hobby shops and other public locations. Games that are open to all members are listed as "Public Game" in the Meetup title. Members may also bring a friend, however space is limited, so be sure to sign up quick after the game is posted. If the game is full, Meetup will put you on the wait list.

PRIVATE GAMES: We also play D&D in ongoing campaigns at people's private homes or other locations. You must receive a personal invitation to join a Meetup that says "Private Game." For everyone's comfort and safety, you MUST get to know the Host by playing in a public game with that host, before receiving an invitation to a private game. Feel free to contact Clay or an Assistant Organizer if you are interested in joining a private game.

SAFETY: ALWAYS follow basic safety rules when meeting new people or going to a private location, like telling someone where you'll be, or bringing a trusted member of the Meetup group for support. NEVER invite complete strangers into your home; get to know fellow members at public games first. Not only are these rules important for safety, but they'll help everyone feel more comfortable, and being at-ease is good for role-playing!

HOUSE RULES: With respect to the game rules, each DM interprets the 5th Edition rules for a game they run, and can allow (or disallow) any official, variant, or home-brew rules. With respect to the rules of the venue (the play space) the Host (the owner, tenant, or manager of the venue) sets the rules. Generally, you can use any rules in the Player's Handbook or other official D&D material published by Wizards of the Coast to create your character ("if it's in a hard-cover D&D book, it's allowed"), but again, the DM can allow, disallow, make, or interpret any official, variant, or home-brew rules. A common rule for public games is to keep it family friendly ("no profanity"). Finally, be respectful of the place, the players, and the pacing (i.e. Shine when the spotlight is on you, but let others have their moment. Be ready when it's your turn. Don't get bogged down in rules minutia.).

Still Have Questions? Feel free to post a Discussion, Comment on a Meetup, or Message the Organizer (Click the link "Clay" near the top of the Meetup home page to send the Organizer a message).

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