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This Meetup is for Men & Women looking to meet friends and enjoy watching a movie with friends. Then moving to a nearby watering hole to discuss the movie over a glass of wine or iced tea. If you love movies and hate going by yourself, this group is for YOU!

We plan to meet for a matinee once a month and an evening flick once a month. Special events will include an occasional group event at the Lockwood Ridge Parkway 8 (where tickets are $2) and at the Cine Bistro (where tix are pricey but we can have a cocktail while watching a movie!). Watch for an Oscar Party in February and tie-ins with the Sarasota Film Festival.

We will look for local Hot Spots and your input or suggestions are welcome. If there is a movie you really want to see, let us know and we will try to include it. If you prefer a different day or time, let us know that and we will do our best to accommodate that as well.

You will be required to post your picture so we can recognize you at the group Meetup. Also either post your last name or at least an Initial That's important if you have a common first name.

A few rules will apply. If you RSVP for an event and something comes up or you change your mind, you will need to change your RSVP to "no." Since we will request seating for our group at the after-movie restaurant/bar, we need to have an accurate headcount. If you become a chronic "no show," we will remove you from the group on the third incident.

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I want to get some member input before scheduling our movie events for March and beyond. My plan continues to be scheduling one MATINEE movie each month and one EVENING movie each month. Can you let me know if there is a day/night of the week that you prefer for one or both of these events? Be aware that I will be AVOIDING both Thursdays and Fridays (as well as weekends) due to movie theater schedule changes on those days of the week, making advance planning difficult (at best). I will try to accommodate as many members as possible, based on this input.

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March Movie Madness --- CORRECT DATE THIS TIME!!!

Regal Hollywood - Sarasota

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