• Deploying TiDB a distributed open-source MySQL-Compatible HTAP Database with K8s

    This talk will introduce the architecture of TiDB and TiKV (a CNCF project), key use cases, a user story with Mobike (one of the largest bikesharing platforms in the world), and a demo of deploying TiDB + TiKV as a stateful application using Kubernetes in a Operator pattern on GKE. About Kevin Xu: Kevin Xu is the General Manager of Global Strategy and Operations at PingCAP, the team that's leading the development of TiDB, a cloud-native MySQL-compatible distributed database. Its key-value storage layer, TiKV, is a CNCF member project. PingCap Website: https://www.pingcap.com/en/

  • Docker Cologne - The Comeback Edition


    Join us on Wednesday May 30th. Jorge from Sysdig will tell us about Docker and Kubernetes continuous security with the open source tool Sysdig Falco (https://sysdig.com/opensource/falco/). Speaker: Jorge Salamero Sanz (https://twitter.com/bencerillo) Talk: - Docker Continuous Security, looking inside your Docker containers Abstract: While there have been many improvements around securing containers, there is still a large gap in monitoring the behaviour of containers in production. Sysdig Falco is an open source behavioural activity monitor for containerized environments. Sysdig Falco can detect and alert on anomalous behaviour at the application, file, system, and network level. In this session get a deep dive into Falco: How does behavioural security differ from existing security solutions like image scanning, seccomp, SELinux or AppArmor? What can Sysdig Falco detect? Building and customizing rules for your Docker and Kubernetes apps. Forensics analysis with Sysdig Inspect even when the container doesn't exist anymore! Before and after the talk we'll have some time to network and discuss current developments in the container space, so we hope to see many of you next week! Looking forward to seeing you, Puja and Tommy

  • Docker Introduction at Eyeo Offices

    Eyeo GmbH

    Hey everyone, I know it's a bit short notice, but our friends at Eyeo are hosting a Docker Introduction for Developers, so we spontaneously decided to co-host this and invite all of you to attend this talk (details below). Speaker: Anton Patrushev Talk: Docker: Intro for Developers Abstract: By now, the hype around Docker and containerization has subsided. Container technologies moved from "early adopter" phase all the way to production use in many places. Docker has gained enough maturity to accomplish real life tasks in development, staging and production. Without crutches. Most of the time. This talk is an introduction into the base functions of Docker. We will look at this technology from a slightly different angle and use different terminology from what you will find in most Docker demos and documentation. This is to help developers understand what they need to know about Docker without the learning curve of deeply understanding technologies used in production. We will also look at how docker can help developers in their everyday tasks. The world of container technologies is multi-faceted and it is difficult to discuss everything in short intro. Let's assume that this intro is just a bootstrap for a discussion of real life applications and ways containers can help you get your stuff done. There will be beers and snacks brought to you by Eyeo GmbH. Looking forward to seeing you, Puja

  • Docker CGN - Security and more

    Location visible to members

    will be giving a talk about We know we've been a bit silent over the last months, but we're back with our next Docker Meetup in Cologne. The security talk has shortly been canceled, sorry! There will be two talks instead, one by Timo Derstappen and one by Ewout Prangsma. Catch-22: Stories (Timo Derstappen) Running an infrastructure that provides the building blocks for distributed systems which is very much a distributed system itself. Introducing some practices and tools that have been useful at Giant Swarm. Ceph in Docker (Ewout Prangsma) How to run Ceph in Docker and mount volumes (from inside containers) on it. If we have time left, we can also talk about the newest developments in the container space.

  • Docker Cologne (Pirate Week Special)


    We're back with another Docker Meetup after the "Sommerloch". This time during the "Pirate Week" of Cologne, on the day before the legendary Pirate Summit ( http://piratesummit.com/en/piratesummit-2015) starts. Our first confirmed speakers are Matthias Luebken and Dennis Benkert, who are giving a talk about "Patterns in a Containerized World" (Bios and Abstract below). We are currently looking for a second talk and discussing with some speakers. If you have an idea for a talk that you or someone you know would like to give, I'd like to extend to all of you a Call for Proposals. Just send me a message (here or mail to puja (at) giantswarm.io) with a short Title, Abstract, and Bio. Talks Patterns in a Containerized World Structuring and developing applications in a containerized world involves new challenges. Some old best practices need to be adapted and new patterns evolve. In this talk we will give an overview of typical patterns that we have seen in developing, deploying and operating applications that leverage containers. Some of these are: immutable deployment artefacts, config via arguments, general purpose sidekicks, special sidekicks for logging and metrics, ambassador for service discovery or other networking related things, like load-balancing and circuit breaking. As containers are a fairly new concept for general purpose application development, we see this list far from complete. This talk can be seen as a starting point for a general discussion about best practices and resulting patterns. Speakers: Dennis Benkert: Dennis automates all the things. Raised in the PHP and Symfony community he lately loves deep diving in the Docker, CoreOS and orchestration world, making everything containerized. Matthias Lübken: Matthias is the product guy (tm) at Giant Swarm. He has long time experience with different aspects in product and software development. Currently he herds different flocks of cats. He especially wonders where the containerisation of the world leads us and what the implications for applications developers are.

  • Watch DockerCon live

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    As you probably know, DockerCon 2015 is taking place in San Francisco on June 22nd-23rd. The conference is officially sold out, but if you're not going we have good news for you. There's going to be a live stream of the general sessions from 6pm until 7.30pm CEST. So if you want to watch it together with us, we'll be doing a small gathering with drinks at the Giant Swarm offices. As our offices are not that big, we have to limit attendees a bit. If demand is higher we can think of an alternative place to watch the stream together then. Best, Puja

  • Docker and CoreOS Meetup


    We're finally back with our first Meetup in 2015. Like last time we have arranged some high class speakers for you. Our first confirmed speaker is Neil Jerram, who is a Core Developer at Project Calico, which is an open source project developing a scalable IP-based fabric for data centers. Please take a look at our GitHub projects and home page here: http://www.projectcalico.org/. He will be speaking about how Project Calico can also be used with CoreOS and Docker. See his slides from the last CoreOS London Meetup here: https://speakerdeck.com/neiljerram/calico-and-coreos-march-2015 Our second speaker, Johann Romefort, will be speaking about Weave and it's use as a networking extension for Docker and CoreOS. Johann is a technologist who spent the last 7 years in San Francisco, building startups. Now based in Munich, Germany, Johann current areas of focus are IoT, immutable infrastructures, microservices and container technologies. Johann is also the organizer of the Docker / CoreOS Meetups in Munich and Berlin. In its spare time, Johann works on a Smart Humidor project. See demo here: https://vimeo.com/87646899 . He’s the former Co-founder and CTO at Seesmic [masked]), sold to HootSuite in 2012. As last time we will have some food and drinks (did someone say beer?) sponsored by Giant Swarm.

  • CoreOS Meetup


    Brandon Philips (https://github.com/philips) (CTO, CoreOS) will be in Cologne and give us some insights into their product. https://coreos.com/ Luke Marsden (https://twitter.com/lmarsden) (CTO, ClusterHQ) - Data focused Docker clustering https://clusterhq.com/ Livestream: http://giantswarm.io/events/2014-10-14-docker-coreos/

  • 2. Meetup


    Our next Meetup. Please let us know if you'd like to give a talk! - Updated Version- Talks: * Andreas: Docker Networking 101 * Stephan: Workshop Docker 101 On the same date we'll have a Startup BBQ at Startplatz. So after the talks we can join the BBQ and drink some beer. http://www.startplatz.de/startup-bbq-cologne/

  • Kickoff, Sessions, Talks

    Design Quartier Ehrenfeld

    Join us for the Kickoff of Docker MeetUps in Cologne! Docker is an open-source engine for building and deploying cloud applications as standalone containers which can run on any server - from the VM on your laptop to the largest EC2 compute instance, and everything in between. Docker is a great building block for deploying web apps, database services, service-oriented architectures, and so on. In the course of the Interactive Cologne (http://2014.interactive-cologne.com/) we want to meet developers and ops engineers already playing with or wanting to learn about Docker in Cologne. An updated schedule can be found here. (http://2014.interactive-cologne.com/schedule/) Happy to see you there! Please register via eventbrite (http://www.eventbrite.de/e/docker-meetup-interactive-cologne-tickets-11235380325?aff=eorg) and bring a print out of the ticket , it's free for sure. Learn more about Docker at http://www.docker.io (http://www.docker.io/)