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Let's build a cluster

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Let's Build A Swarm.

While there is a rich ecosystem of cluster-aware orchestration solutions in the Docker universe, Docker Engine 1.12 takes the game one step further and ships with a built-in cluster-aware, decentralized orchestration engine called Swarm mode (not to be confused with the standalone Docker Swarm product). This talk will elaborate on the architecture behind Swarm mode as well as common usage scenarios and will conclude with a demo how to set up and utilize a Swarm mode cluster for running and scaling a small sample application.

About the speaker:

Thilo-Alexander Ginkel has had a passion for developing software for more than half of his life. He is working as a freelance software developer, DevOps engineer and architect where his projects frequently get him in touch with the strange new world of Docker containers.

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Behringstraße 14 · Hamburg
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