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Docker LA: Swarm and Unikernels - special SCALE X14 edition

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Join us for the next Docker LA Meetup hosted by Cisco. Jerome will be speaking about Data Orchestration and the super secret announcement you have all been waiting for is that Amir Chaudhry and Richard Mortier will be presenting on Unikernels!

News was released this morning that the Cambridge, UK-based company, Unikernel Systems has joined Docker! Unikernels are lean, single address space, machine images that are constructed by using library operating systems. By combining application code with only the necessary components of a traditional OS, developers can create services which benefit from improved security, smaller footprints and fast boot times.

6:30 pm - Arrival/ F&B - Signs will be posted on the front door of the building directing you to the back door by the parking lot. The event will take place on the 3rd floor of the building.

6:45 pm - Container orchestration with Docker Swarm: a whirlwind tour by Jérôme Petazzoni (

7:30 - Title: Unikernels Unikernels Unikernels!

Abstract: In this short talk Amir Chaudhry and Richard Mortier will provide an overview of what unikernels are, why they matter and will provide an example of how unikernels and Docker tools can work together.

To deep dive further into unkernels, you can see a full day of unikernel talks as part of the SCALE conference. Details at:

8:00: Q&A and networking

8:30pm - Door closes

Venue provided by Cisco

Food & drinks sponsored Docker (