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20A rue du Puits Romain · Bertrange

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20A rue du Puits Romain, Bertrange (Luxembourg)

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docker pull python:alpine

Docker Global Mentor Week is your opportunity to #learndocker. Right now, Docker is working on self paced online labs that will be available through LearnDot. One lab will be for beginners and one lab will be for intermediate users. Docker mentors will be on hand at this event to help you as you work through the self paced materials.

Are you an advanced user? We strongly encourage Docker users of all skill levels to attend! We need a network of mentors who understand the Docker platform to answer any questions that newcomers may have. Click here ( to sign up as a mentor.



1. Create a Docker Hub account here ( You will need a Docker Hub account to access the course materials.

2. Set-up Docker on your laptop (you will need to bring your own computer)

- Linux users: we need you to install Docker engine ( and Docker compose ( Make sure you have Docker compose version 1.6 or higher by running docker-compose version from the command prompt.

- Mac users: install Docker for Mac ( or if you have an older Mac, Docker Toolbox (

- Windows users: if you have Windows 10 pro install Docker for Windows (, otherwise install Docker Toolbox ( If you want to try the new Windows containers, go through the setup steps in the Windows Container lab ( It is essential to run this command in Powershell before coming to the event:
docker pull microsoft/windowsservercore:latest

3. Make sure Git is installed on your computer. You will need Git in order to download source files from the training material. The command "git version" should indicate that Git works fine on your computer. If you don't get a meaningful result, please check the installation instructions ( for your platform. You can also find detailed instructions in the official (free) Git book (

4. New to Docker? pre-pull the docker images for the very basic tutorial so you’re ready for the beginner level course.

docker pull hello-world
docker pull alpine
docker pull seqvence/static-site

5. To run the application and participate in the rest of the training, pre-pull these images:

docker pull microsoft/dotnet:1.0.0-preview1
docker pull node:5.11.0-slim
docker pull python:2.7-alpine
docker pull redis:alpine
docker pull postgres:9.4

5b. For the Ops / orchestration part, pre-pull these images:

docker pull python:alpine
docker pull ruby:alpine

You will also want to pre-build the demo app by running the following steps:

git clone git://
cd orchestration-workshop/dockercoins
docker-compose build

NOTE: if you are following this course on Linux, make sure docker-machine is installed (it is not the case by default). You can check with the command "docker-machine version". The installation instructions are available here (

6. Think about which course you’d like to complete during the event. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which course to complete. Mentors will be there to help you pick which course is right for you

- Dev Beginner - Linux: This tutorial will guide you through the steps involved in setting up your computer, running your first containers, deploying a web applications with Docker and running a multi-container voting app with Docker Compose. NOTE: If you participated to the Docker Birthday event, this course is very similar. So it might be better to pick another one.

- Dev Beginner - Windows: This tutorial will walk you through setting up your environment, running basic containers and creating a Docker Compose multi-container application using Windows containers.

- Dev Intermediate: This tutorial teaches you how to network your containers, how you can manage data inside and between your containers and how to use Docker Cloud to build your image from source and use comme developer tools and programming languages with Docker. NOTE: Overlay networks don't work in Windows containers at the moment. If you plan to follow this course on Windows, make sure you install the beta version of Docker for Windows. Only the beta version allows to switch to Linux containers running inside Windows (right click in the tray icon and select "Switch to Linux containers...").

- Ops Beginner: The beginner part of the Ops tutorial will teach you how to set up a swarm, how to use it to host your own registry, how to build your app container images and how to deploy and scale a distributed application called Dockercoins.

- Ops Intermediate: From global container scheduling, overlay networks troubleshooting, dealing with stateful services and node management, this tutorial will show you how to operate your swarm cluster at scale and take you on a swarm mode deep dive.



5:15pm to 7:30pm

5:00 - Doors Open

5:15 - Welcome message, presentation of Docker & snacks

5:30 to 7:30 - Select and work through self-paced lab

7:30 - Socializing!

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