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Developing Apps in Containers: The New Developer Workflow

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How do apps developed in containers get deployed? Do you get rid of virtual machines completely or do you push containers into VMs? Do you embrace a PaaS like Cloud Foundry or go all in with containers and CoreOS or Mesosphere? How about Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Salt? Or bash for that matter? Do you continue to use them to deploy your VMs, applications and VMs, or do you bake everything into a container and push into production? How about build packs or Git? There are many new options, and lots of existing technologies.

Join us for a discussion led by Dave Nielsen of CloudCamp fame, and find out what path is right for you.

About Dave: Dave Nielsen, Cloud Computing Evangelist & Consultant By day, Dave is a consultant helping firms engage with influential leaders in the developer & DevOps communities. He is particularly fascinated by Cloud Computing APIs and Platforms. By night, is the founder of CloudCamp, a community of 50,000 disruptive cloud enthusiasts and community organizers in 100+ cities around the world. Follow Dave on Twitter @davenielsen.