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Docker Meetup #12 @ Distelli w/ Joyent, Microsoft and CloudMunch

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100 people went

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6 - 6.30: networking, food/drinks

6.30 - 7.10 pm: Casey Bisson of Joyent

7.10 - 7.50 pm: Anurag Gupta and Jonobie Ford of Microsoft

7.50 - 8.30 pm: Krish Subramanian from Cloud Munch

Details on Talks

1. Three Containers Walked Into the Cloud... The Past, Present and Future of Container Deployment

Unbeknownst to some, organizations have run infrastructure containers in production for years, reaping benefits on the operational end but not yet providing value for developers. When Docker catapulted containers into mainstream adoption, another type of container emerged — one that’s enormously popular for developers, but not quite ready for Ops. It’s time to close the gap between the promise that Devs see in containers and the operational challenges of actually running them in production.

In this session, Joyent Director of Product Casey Bisson will demonstrate a third path: containers on multi-tenant bare metal combining the best of both worlds and maximizing developer and operator convenience, as well as leading security, network simplicity, and performance.

Bio: Casey Bisson has done time as a systems engineer, software engineer, writer, librarian, open source founder, information architect, and director of engineering for Gigaom prior to joining Joyent as the product manager leading development of SmartDataCenter for container-optimized on-premises and hybrid clouds. He may be color blind, but he compensates with a wardrobe of clashing patterns.

2. Docker Container monitoring with Operations Management Suite

As Docker containers race into enterprise’s production environments monitoring and analyzing this tech is a must. Operations Management Suite (OMS) is Microsoft’s new cloud based management solution marrying log analytics/automation/security/backup and recovery. See and sign up for our Docker container preview that merges high level insight with log analytics.

Speakers: Anurag Gupta and Jonobie Ford from Microsoft

3. DevOps Meets Containers - Enabling the feedback loop and offering real DevOps value

As we move towards a more microservices based architecture, driven by the encapsulation offered by containers, the cultural parts of DevOps becomes easy with the 2 Pizza team model that is designed to work well with Microservices. There are tons of tools and technology like Docker, Kubernetes, etc. that are available to help these teams deliver their software. What is critical is the glue that brings all of them together to deliver real business value.

As Microservices, encapsulated with containers, are pushed to production, the fine grained visibility across the pipeline helps not only to deliver the software faster but it also helps deliver better quality software. The DevOps nirvana in the container world is not just end to end automation but also continuous insights driving the pipeline. In this talk, we will talk about how startups and enterprises can maximize DevOps value and demo the CloudMunch 2.0 platform (community edition) built for delivering real DevOps value in the container world.

Speaker: Krish Subramanian, SVP Products and Strategy, CloudMunch

Bio: Krish joined CloudMunch recently to drive their product and strategy. Prior to joining CloudMunch, he was part of the OpenShift team at Red Hat, responsible for their strategy. In the past, Krish founded Rishidot Research, a next-gen analyst firm focussed on cloud services. He is well respected in the cloud and DevOps world. You can follow him on Twitter @krishnan