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Docker Singapore Meetup #2 at SingTel

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We are back with the second meetup which Singtel has generously agreed to host. The details for the talks to be held this time are:

  1. Simple Virtual Hosting with Docker - Hugues Malphettes

Hugues Malphettes is a Software Engineer and all around techie.
After his Masters in France, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Hugues spent 10 years in Sillicon Valley with some startups developing entreprise software, contributing to Eclipse, Jetty and kitesurfing.Hugues landed in Singapore 4 years ago and has graduated to Scrum Master and Gran Amateur Little Indian foodie.You can usually find him in random kopi shops banging on his laptop for another Sillicon Valley startup: ( A spicy mix of Nodejs, Elasticsearch and Docker are usually on the menu.
Hugues often wears the devops hat and he is excited to share his experience with Docker with you.

  1. CoreOS +Docker - Kai Hendry

Kai Hendry is the founder of Webconverger, the leading linux distribution for Web kiosks. Born in South Africa and educated at the University of Helsinki Computer Science department, somehow he's ended up in Singapore. He has pretty opinionated ideas about how operating systems should work and he wants to share his experience with CoreOS and Docker with you.

  1. "Simple PHP development environment in 3 minutes with Docker & Fig" - Brain Chin Vito

Vito Chin is Lead, Development & Test with the Emerging Business team at SingTel. He co-authored PHP Development in the Cloud, available here: . In his increasingly rare free time, he maintains Gmagick( ) and tinkers with iOS and web apps. He's on Twitter (@vitoc) and blogs about his adventures here: ( He recently dug into Docker and will be happy to discuss anything containers with you.

Venue: SingTel Comcentre, Podium, Theatrette Level 3, 31 Exeter Rd, Singapore 239732

(This theatrette is in the building behind the main lobby).

31B Exeter Road · Singapore