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Since there are so many cool speakers coming to town for Day of Containers ( ) on August 25th we thought it would be great to have a pre-conference Meetup.

There will be talks from people at Mesosphere, CloudBees and Google so you don’t want to miss this one.

Swedish cloud provider Elastx ( will be hosting the meetup at their venue at Vasagatan 7, right next to Stockholm Central.

Doors open at 17:30 and the first talk will start at 18:00.

Talk 1: From pets to cattle to flock-of-birds: why, in the future, you'll less often need to ssh into a server

Speaker: Michael Hausenblas, Distributed Systems Jester, Mesosphere Inc.

Abstract: Physical servers are so 2000 and so are VMs. Containers? Well, then you're already living the dream! But there's something just around the corner and you might have already heard about it: the new serverless compute offerings such as AWS Lambda or Azure Functions are the new new kids on the block. In this talk we will see what they bring to the table for you in an appops role, do a system teardown of a simple implementation on DC/OS and looking into advantages and limitations of serverless computing.

Talk 2: A Guided Tour Around Docker 1.12 Series

Speaker: Viktor Farcic, Docker Captain & Senior Consultant, CloudBees

Abstract: Docker just published a new Docker Engine v1.12. It is the most significant release since v1.9. Back then, we got Docker networking that, finally, made containers ready for use in clusters. With v1.12, Docker is reinventing itself with a whole new approach to cluster orchestration. Say goodbye to Swarm as a separate container that depends on an external data registry and welcome the new Docker Swarm. Everything you’ll need to manage your cluster is now incorporated into Docker Engine. Swarm is there. Service discovery is there. Improved networking is there.

We'll take a a deep dive into the 1.12 Docker series and take a look at what its all about.

Talk 3: Scheduling Container with Kubernetes

Speaker: Kelsey Hightower, Evangelist at Google

Abstract: This talk will take a deep dive into Kubernetes scheduling and show you how to build a custom scheduler that can place workloads based on your rules.


CALL FOR WORKSHOPS (for the Day of Containers conference the day after this meetup)

The Day of Containers conference ( ) on August 25th (the day after this meetup) is much more than the usual procession of presentations and papers where everyone sits still… If you have something interesting to share about Docker and would like to in run a workshop we want to hear from you! Please send a mail to ah[at] to discuss your thoughts.

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