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You have all those degrees on your wall and letters behind your name and yet you are having challenges with the business aspects of medicine and healthcare.
If you are anything like me, you have gone to tons of clinical training and continuing education but its rare for anyone to help you figure out how to have a successful (read CASHFLOW POSITIVE) business without working your self towards a heart attack.

This is a group for healthcare practitioners interested in business and marketing skills. If you are a physician -MD, DO, DC, Naturopath, Health Coach-or other types of healthcare practitioner, and you are interested in meeting others practitioners and getting information that you can implement and grow your business or practice, this group is for you. This group is NOT clinical (you have more than enough of that already). Practitioners in all specialties (primary care, subspecialists, integrative, functional, etc) are welcome. The information will be heavily weighted toward licensed practitioners and their struggles. Support staff of licensed practitioners are also welcome.

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