• Docu-Tribe meet up


    Docu tribe is a group of documentary filmmakers and people interested in documentary filmmaking. We are meeting at the dBS Film school which is located in the Funkhaus. So its great oportuinity for students to meet the film professionals and (get some real time gigs) and for people with the project to get some crew. Our member Ben is also in Town. He establish a sister (brother) Docu-tribe in Toronto. So Ben you are welcome to tell us all about it. If you have any questions you can mail me under [masked] We will be on the first floor the first thing thing you see when you come up the satirs. Room is called "Light room"

  • Sneak Peak! (preview 30 minutes of the film)

    On October 3rd at 8pm I will be screening 30 minutes of my movie at "my theater" in Berlin, Germany, as part of the very first FFFUFFF film festival. The event will be sponsored by Oak & Ice which means free low-carb mango (and strawberry) sorbet all night long! Though the screening (and ice cream) are free, seating is limited, so if you'd like to join please e-mail ([masked]) me to save your spot. You can contribute to the kick starter campaign kickstarter.com/projects/iramowen/surf-berlin-the-movie

  • Short Cutz.

    Z-Bar Berlin

    https://www.facebook.com/events/201298203621996/ Hello everybody! Shortcutz Berlin is back with the first of its MONTHLY screenings. There are no shorts in competition, all of them are guests. Without further explanations, we invite you all to Shortcutz Berlin Focus Refugees/War with the following program: - Short #1: "Suleima", Jalal Maghout Animation/Documentary, 15 min Synopsis: Suleima is a woman who has been a part of the Syrian revolution since its beginning. Twice detained, she states : "I'd rather die than see someone arrested without trying to help." - Short #2: "Volunteer", by Luly Glez Documentary, 21 min Synopsis: August 2015: After a refugee camp opens in his neighborhood in Berlin, Bernd Pickert, journalist at taz newspaper, starts a workshop repairing bicicles in the camp. More german volunteers join. No need for a lot of words, Germans and refugees working together is all that matters. The Special Guest is Bernd Pickert himself! Bernd will talk about his experience in this documentary and the project with the refugees. As usual, the event is FREE ENTRANCE. Looking Forward to seeing you all there!

  • Docu-tribe catch up

    dBs Film

    A bit short notice but here you go. Meet docu makers. See/hear what they are up to. Prepare your stuff - upload online or bring it on stick. Looking forward to see what you are doing, give you feedback or just meet you...

  • Docu-tribe Meet

    dBs Film

    After a longer pause we meet again. There will be some updates on the runing projects. Vinit will show his doc in progress. Great opportunity to get feedback on trailer or doc you migt have. Looking forward to see new and old members. We are meeting in Building B on the 3rd floor. Or call [masked] if you are lost.

  • Sound Workshop

    dBs Film

    if you are lost call [masked] We are doing a workshop where we will test different things: Compatibility of sound kit with different cameras Acting - actors please suggest dialogues or scenes you would like to test Pro Tools This is what we need: 1. Cameras (ideally, 2 kinds of DSLRs, one DSLR and mirrorless cam would be nice) with a tripod for each as needed and batteries. 2. Copies of a one-page script from any film for scene recreation 3. 2 (or more) Actors 4. SD card reader and a Laptop to conduct picture and sound edit using editing software and ProTools. And, someone to do this post-work! The meet up is again happening in dBs Film this time in the main building on the first floor. Please RSVP as soon as possible and write in comments under here what are you bringing with you.

  • Networking - New ideas

    dBs Film

    I have changed time and place of the meet up. Its happening at the film school in Friedrichshain (s-bahn Warschauer str.) Somebody wants to present a short doc or trailer? Please let me know. I am also open for suggestions what guest speakers we might be having and what themes would you like to discuss. We are supporting our place sponsor co-up by buying some drinks - they are going through some rough times. 1,5€ for organizing the event payable to Simon. See you there

  • New ideas for Docu-tribe


    Sorry for short notice - my days are quite hectic lately but yes meet-up is happening. There are some new ideas for dock-tribe upgrade (possible jobs) So come by if you are interested or if you just want to drink a couple of drinks with us and network. Drinks 2,00€ for co-up 1,5€ to Simon for covering the organisation costs. Looking forward to see you



    VIRTUAL REALITY DOC History is again repeating itself. Flaherty was able to do his Nanook because of the invention of 16mm cameras, than Cinéma vérité happened because the equipment was even lighter and sound was recorded simultaneously. We all experienced digital DSLR revolution what resulted in what I call PERSONAL FILM. Now again Virtual Reality is giving us new tool - new perception. I am interested in your perception of it. Drinks 2€ Covering the costs 2€ (payable to Simon)

  • Docu-tribe meet


    Networking, doc trailers, short docs etc. Anybody interested to show their work or work in progress? Drinks 2€ Covering costs 2€ (payable to Simon)