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Cape Elizabeth trail walk
We tried this last month but the weather didn’t cooperate... This is an out and back hike on Cape Elizabeth’s trail system. We’ll make it certainly to Fowler Road and can push on to the Spurwink marsh if people have time before heading back to the start. There are boardwalks and plenty of streams and water holes for the dogs on the way.

Kettle Cove State Park

Kettle Cove Road · Cape Elizabeth, ME

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    I recently moved back to Maine from New Jersey - thank goodness. But the best thing about living in New Jersey was a very active hiking with dogs meet up that I was part of and that I want to recreate here in Maine.

    This is an opportunity to get out with our dogs, hike around Maine and explore the state's best hiking trails.

    I'm going to copy and paste the NJ meet up rules here, as they will be a good guide for us:

    All walks are free. All breeds of dogs are welcome. Bring a leash just in case - we don't want to get in trouble with the park or if other hiker complain. Social dogs only. (No aggressive dogs.) Dogs must have up to date rabies and distemper vaccinations.

    Dogs must be under the owners control at all times and be handled in compliance with all park, state and local laws & regulations. Owners are 100% responsible for their dogs care and behavior and for complying with all regulations governing all meet-up venues. Hiking is always at your own risk.

    You are responsible for understanding and following all laws within the park including leash laws. You accept responsibility for the safety of yourself, your pets and any guests and their pets you invite from outside the group. Attending our hikes signifies you understand the physical challenges and agree that you, your pet and any guests and their pets are physically capable and that you will be responsible for your own and their safety.

    The courtesy of keeping your RSVP current is expected. 3 "No Shows" will result in pack membership termination. Cancelling an RSVP after the RSVP cut-off time will be treated as a "No Show". We don't want to lose anyone so just be considerate to the other pack members hanging around waiting for you, for naught.

    No solicitations please. This website is for organizing meet-ups only.

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