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This group is for dog owners who want some assistance in basic and intermediate dog obedience training. We will meet around the Manassas, VA area in various dog friendly locations to LEARN and PERFECT our basic obedience skills. Young and old dogs are welcome. Classes are held in the evening or on the weekend.

As a seasoned obedience trainer, my philosophy is to teach functional, positive reinforcement obedience. Meaning, your dog will learn obedience skills in the areas they will need them the most (out for a walk in the park, playing with others at the dog parks, being around other dogs, and/or taking a stroll through Home Depot...) Make sure to bring plenty of treats and/or your pup's favorite snack!

Classes are either a 5 week series (approximately 45-60 min class) or a 5-hr workshop to cover all basic obedience commands (sit, stay, come, down, wait, heal, take it, and leave it). We will also learn tricks as well. The fee for the entire 5 week series or 5 hr workshop is $125.

Is is $0 to join this group and stay up to date on upcoming classes and workshops!

Come learn some new skills, perfect those your dog already knows, and have a great time socializing your dog with other four legged friends.

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One Day - Basic Dog Obedience (5 classes into 1)

Near Baldwin Elementary St

This is one (01) day Dog Obedience training session. 5 weeks rolled into one! The total fee for the class is $125. The class is capped at a certain number and on The basic commands you will learn in the class are sit, stay, down, wait, leave it/take it, back, with me, and come. I will also teach at least one trick per class. My Dog Obedience approach is Positive Reinforcement so please bring treats to class. I focus on Functional Obedience Training which means you will not only learn the skill but also practice them in public places. I am looking forward to meeting you and assisting in making your relationship with your dog even better! -Deborah

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