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This group is for people who's companion has need of basic obedience, socialization and or behavioral issues that cause it to be reactive to other dogs or people. This group are for those people who are committed to be responsible dog owners that want the very best for their companions and to help provide balance and happiness for both the Owner and their companion. I know most issues even aggression can be fixed or managed with basic obedience. I attempted to form a group last year found only a mild level of commitment to participation. I'm hoping that this year will be different. People know that having dogs with issues can be daunting and finding people to help work with dogs like that is even more daunting. That's why I wanted to form this group. To find like situated people that will want to work together to help rehabilitate our furry companions. If interested or want to talk my # is 630-901-3254. I will be scheduling our first get together some time early March.

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