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Dog lovers! Dog owners that are seeking revolutionary Transformation Dog Training.
Are you one of the millions of people living with a dog that is in need of training? A new type of dog training is emerging.
Transformational Dog Training is a cutting edge program that takes dog training to an entirely different level than anything you have seen.

KristyBright.com is a leading female dog trainer in the country with a very successful dog training company. She is an International best selling author of 2 books and an internationl speaker and trainer.

After visiting all 50 states and over 20 countries over the past 22 years, Kristy has developed a method that teaches people how to communicate with their dogs through the use of body language, self-awareness and unique skills and techniques to transcend common behavior problems. She shows you how to create a foundation for handling anything that comes up in the future.
It is never about just one problem, it is about what lead up to that problem and how to address it before it starts and catch it before it shows up again.
I do not only give people temporary band-aids. I teach them how to fish for life.

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