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Welcome to Our Community Event Pages at the Dog Lovers Community Network, which is a sister site to our main events & networking page at https://www.meetup.com/Canine-ConundrumUK.

• Are you looking for a social network to share walks and other dog friendly events with?

• Do you need a Rehab/Support Buddy to help you with exercising your dog while you're coping with an injury or ongoing illness?

• Are you looking for friendship, group support and encouragement while training and socialising a new puppy or rescue dog?

If yes, then join our dog friendly Community network at Canine Conundrum UK.

Canine Conundrum UK is a community network for adults with a love of dogs and a willingness to share the madness and joy with other like-minded individuals. We plan to meet up in all sorts of places for social events and exercise with our furry friends. The main aim of our Community of dog lovers is for Members to support each other - through the provision of a wide range of social walks and networking events, information resources, education and training events and practical assistance from Member volunteers.

Ever find it hard to fit in adult social time and human exercise with life’s responsibilities, like the daily dog walk? Are you someone who suffers from loneliness or are you just ready to make some new friends? Maybe you’ve taken on the responsibilities of dog ownership and found yourself in a conundrum such as personal ill health, or difficulties with dog training and socialisation, where you could do with some help and support? Well, although we can't help you with the household chores or do your job, we can offer you a chance to be part of our Community and join other Members for group walks, dog friendly social events, education and training events, cafe & pub meet ups, beach barbecues, camping holidays and more.

Our network is also open to dog lovers without a dog. Perhaps your accommodation doesn't allow pets or you've recently lost your buddy. Maybe you want to know more about different types of dogs and what's involved in having one in your family before you commit. You're welcome to join us, but don't be surprised if you find yourself covered in hairs and mud, and end up carrying a dog poo bag.

For us it's not just about the big walks and events (although these are fun). Our members experience the usual range of 'canine conundrums', from not having car transport and living in rented accommodation where pets are not allowed, to health related (2 & 4 legged) mobility restrictions and the need for managed dog socialisation and behaviour training. Our Community therefore aims to be fully inclusive by offering a range of events across the region, facilitating smaller local hub Member meet ups, and developing an active dog friendly community support network. If you're limited by a sick or elderly mutt or have limited mobility yourself, don't let it put you off - please get in touch to see how our Community can help.

Canine Conundrum UK is a community group spread across a wide area. We are self-funded and are not a service provider; everything we do is currently driven and funded by our Members. Therefore as a Member there are lots of ways to get involved socially and as a volunteer within the Community. Join us for social walks and other events; volunteer as a member support assistant; help to organise and host events or co-ordinate a local meet-up hub in your area; organise meet and greet Member networking events at a local café or summer fair in your town; support the Central Organising Committee as one of our professional advisers and trainers; and lots more.

This is primarily a social and support group for adults, although supervised teenagers are welcome as guests at many events. Mixed family groups with young children will only be invited to special events suitable for their age range. Members will always meet first in a public open space safe for an initial meet and greet, to let our mutts meet and greet in their own happy way. Please let us know in advance if you have any particular worries such as safety issues or mobility/access requirements.

Canine Conundrum UK has some basic and obvious rules - so make sure you've read up on safe behaviour around dogs, especially how to meet and greet an unknown dog (see the Dogs Trust 'Be Dog Smart' education page at https://www.learnwithdogstrust.org.uk/be-dog-smart/ ). Don't be surprised if there is some noisy posturing as the mutts say hello and test each other out for play. Remember that while it's OK for a dog to say "no thanks I don't want to play or be jumped on" dangerous aggression is not, so know how to handle your dog if it does becomes over anxious or aggressive. Good tips on introducing dogs to each other at meet-ups can be found at https://bestfriends.org/resources/introducing-dogs-each-other .

At group social events, dog owners remain responsible for their dogs at all times and should have valid dog insurance. All dogs should wear a secure collar with appropriate I.D., be vaccinated, I.D. chipped and on regular flea treatment. If any of this sounds a bit overwhelming, don't worry. Talk to one of the Community Organisers or your event host in advance of meeting up. We also plan to run some group training events and will tailor these to the needs of the group.

To contact the Central Organiser’s Team please email us direct via CanineConundrumUK@gmail.com

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