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Divine Love Healing by Rev. Sam Shelley

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Divine Love Healing by Rev. Sam Shelley

Love is the highest vibration of all energy and transmutes all lower energies (disease). Through this Divine Love (Grace), Rev. Sam has cured himself of several serious illness such as multiple sclerosis, and bipolar disorder. Rev. Sam no longer has any signs of disability, or disease. Sam is a channel of Love, and has been given the ability to call this anointed love forward for healing of other individuals. Come and see how this affects you.

Rev. Sam is an author (“I Don’t Dwell”), inspirational speaker, spiritual counselor, healer, and ordained minister. Rev. Sam travels full-time offering his spiritual gifts with the world. Rev. Sam has changed lives, replaced worry with a deep peace, and helped people discover their life purpose. Rev. Sam has appeared on TV, radio, podcasts, blogs, and print media.

Rev. Sam has personally experienced that “the most sick, have the least” therefore healing blessings are free of charge. To further the mission of the Sanctuary of the Divine Love donations are welcomed. To offset costs of paid facilities small fees will be set.

For more information on Rev. Sam his website is

Note; Please arrive before 7 PM. No late entry into space after 7:20.

Divine Love Healing Blessing is unique as the divine will adjusts to meet the needs of the attendees.

Short talk by Rev. Sam – An introduction and talk from the heart

Questions and Answers – Open forum to discuss any topic.

Compassion meditation – A ten minute meditation that allows Rev. Sam to surrender his will, and allow his body to become a conduit for the divine to work through him. For the attendees this is a time to relax, and settle into the blessing.

Healing Blessings – Divine Love (Grace) moves through the healing circle with Jesus and Mother Mary directing the healing. Rev. Sam’s body is no longer under his control, and his words and actions are divinely inspired. The time varies based on the needs of the attendees.

Love Meditation -- A final five minute meditation to bring everyone back into their body and to know themselves as love.

"I had no idea what to expect in my session with Sam but it exceeded far beyond my expectations. I could instantly feel the powerful shift in my energy, and within just minutes Sam was able to clear the blocks I had been trying to overcome for a long time. I could physically feel the difference and amazing opportunities literally began pouring into my life the next day. Sam is the real deal and I am so incredibly grateful for him and his work."

Jenny Giblin, International Yoga Instructor, Therapist & Nutrition Expert.

"I am one of the many fortunate ones that have met Sam. He is a happy and positive soul who not only has healed himself through meditation, but he has identified his life’s purpose and has made it a mission to help heal others. Sam is not only a spiritual healer, but a compassionate human who loves everyone unconditionally. His healing provides miracles to the many who have experienced it. Sam’s mission is to travel around USA and heal as many people as he can possibly reach. "