Board Games and Drinks


Let's bring along some board games! Check in if you are planning on coming, so I have some idea of numbers.

I'll bring Exploding Kittens, Pandemic, Betrayal at House on the Hill or Dead of Winter, and we'll have other games from our other attendees. Bringing a game or two yourself would be great to get variety!

We'll grab a table and just play some games casually, and anyone who likes can try some of their beers (which change weekly) or ciders while we're playing.

The venue doesn't take cards, but the Post Office just up the road on Trinity Street has a free cash machine. You can find the Convivial Rabbit by looking for a sign for Nonno Peppe pizza on that road at a little alley-like place, and it is just down there on the right, with the pizza place opposite it in the alley.