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Old Harry's Review meets again this Thursday. Please come and join us if you fancy playing or singing a song. We are a friendly bunch who enjoy a laugh as well as our music. The Open Session starts at 9.00pm (and finishes at 10.30) but if you turn up around 8.45 you will almost certainly find some of us in the coffee bar and you can have a chat before the session. For a list of the songs we're currently playing, let me have an email address for you and I'll send you an invite link to our DAMM Open Sessions group site. (Meetup no longer provides a facility to upload this file) Got a song you'd like us to try? Tells us down below. It would help if you can link to youtube so we can listen to the song and provide any other links that may be useful (eg the lyrics or chords or sheet music) Any questions? Again ask them here and Godot or someone else will be along shortly to answer them!

Absolute Music Studio

855 Ringwood Rd Bournemouth, Dorset BH11 8NE, Poole · BH11 8NE

What we're about

For those interested in getting together with other amateur musicians? The aim of this group is to help amateur musicians be they total beginners or experts, 18 or 80 to get together to see if we can make some music.

• Singers, songwriters and instrumentalist looking to get together to perform projects.

• Did you play flugel horn/guitar years ago and would like to get back into something?

• Sitting around in your spare room playing with your DAW and need to get out more?

• Have an instrument sat at home and need an incentive to practice? We have four bands at present, the last hour of rehearsals is an open session that is open to all members of DAMM - whatever your musical background/ability.

• We are open to new ideas so if you feel like forming a band or music group come along and let's talk.

“ Only had my guitar 8 months, so was nervous to attend a session....found it great fun and was welcomed and joined in..loved it.."

“ If you're at all nervous about coming and playing or singing with others, whatever your instrument and whatever your standard, then don't be. This is a great group with welcoming musicians and once you've been you'll want to keep coming back. ”

“ What a great bunch! I came along for my first session about 6 weeks ago. I was really nervous but the guys welcomed me in like old friends. I got straight into singing and felt at ease."

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