Do Animals have a Theory of Mind?

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A talk by Dr Juliane Kaminski
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Join us at 1.30pm to get settled in. Talk commences at 2pm.

Human sociality appears to be unique throughout the animal kingdom in its complexity as well as its impact on the lifestyle and environment of the species. At the centre of human sociality is our ability to make inferences about other people’s attention, visual access, beliefs and knowledge. This is widely referred to and summarized by the term ‘theory of mind’. One goal in comparative psychology is to investigate to what extent these social cognitive capacities are uniquely human or shared with other species.

Our speaker Dr Juliane Kaminski is Director of the Dog Cognition Centre and Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth. She has made a number of exciting discoveries about how dogs solve problems. Most famously, she was the first to show that a dog named Rico learns words in a similar fashion as human infants. She is widely recognized as a leading expert on dog cognition and has been recognized in National Geographic, Discovery News, and the special documentary film "Dogs Decoded" broadcast on American public television.