• C# in the browser - Blazor + RX

    Fab Lab Iasi

    Presenter: Radu Iscu Description: We are going to be taking a look at creating a front-end application with Blazor and Reactive Extensions, just as God always intended for front-end applications to work.

  • TDD: getting from red to green using the Transformation Priority Premise

    Description Uncle Bob came up with the Transformation Priority Premise. He suggests that Refactorings have counterparts called Transformations - which are simple operations that change the behavior of code. Transformations can be used as the sole means for passing the currently failing test in the red/green/refactor cycle. Transformations have a priority, or a preferred ordering, which if maintained, by the ordering of the tests, will prevent impasses, or long outages in the red/green/refactor cycle.

  • ApplePay: a quick journey from code to successful payments

    Presentation description Ever wondered what’s the flow behind an online payment? The money journey might look simple for day-to-day users, but trust me, there are lots of twists behind the scene. And when it comes to ApplePay, things might get even challenging. Come and see how to easily integrate ApplePay in a .NetCore web app, test it on real devices and learn how to prevent the Apple setup configuration headaches. About me: Started as a tester, now a .Net Developer and a Scrum trainer at Levi9, I often find myself in facing challenges by tackling them from multiple perspectives. Constantly being in the pursuit of new experiences to enlarge my horizon, I never stop pushing myself out of the comfort zone. Any learned experience wouldn’t worth a penny if it isn’t shared and the philosophy “Sharing is caring!” is definitely one of my traits.

  • You can (never) be too careful. Or how to release much faster

    IMPORTANT: This talk is tech stack agnostic, so please feel free to join whether you are a .NET developer or not:) It's all about engineering! Topics: observability, release engineering, company culture Let’s talk about how too much control is slowing down engineering, and how you can actually release much faster. Getting code shipped can have consequences beyond just making your customers happy. It can wake people up in the middle of the night, bring down the datastores, be a cost nightmare, and remind you ‘imposter syndrome’ is a real thing. More importantly, it can break trust , create frustrations, TONS of stress, and burn people out. A common philosophy for feeling that things are in control is simply adding more data and more processes. And when something bad happens, first reaction is adding even more tests, processes, checks. As the product or team evolves, all the noise becomes impactful. You’re being slowed down by the safety checks and poor decisions you took earlier, until it becomes a non trivial problem to solve. How can we get to releasing multiple times a day while still being cautious? Can we make it safe to make mistakes? In this talk we will explore some tricks for shipping code fast by focusing on: - how observability can help engineers gain more insights and confidence into their changes - making it safe to fail - being deliberate about operational and engineering needs rethinking the way we approach issues

  • Short talks

    Fab Lab Iasi

    1. Creating an Alexa Skill with Azure Functions and .NET - Bogdan Bujdea 2. Creating a Visual Studio Template - Irina Scurtu 3. Provisioning Azure: clicking, scripting, coding - something for everybody - Andrei Mustață

  • Beyond REST with GraphQL in .Net

    Hotel International

    This event will part of CodeCamp Iasi conference Location : Hotel International, floor -2, Engineering #5 room Session details: We hear about GraphQL as being the coolest kid in town, invented by Facebook and the front-end guys are really loving him. In this session we'll talk about what we need to make GraphQL run over .Net and we'll see that there is something else outside your REST universe. What it brings to the table? Is it really worth it? It's just another buzzword?

  • VS2019 launch event

    Fab Lab Iasi

    Agenda: V2019 Demo - Mihaita Bamburic, Irina Scurtu OzCode Demo & new debugging features - Bogdan Bujdea We will have the watch party & we will chat, talk about future plans and ideas over Beer & popcorn & pizza We might have a special guest that night and also UIPath will support this edition sending us some goodies. https://launch.visualstudio.com/ Come join us and spread the word!

  • Speedy Webzales - Going wild for performance on front-end

    Metrics like First Meaningful Paint or Time to First Interactive are the main focus of some very hot topics of discussion related to load performance nowadays. Improving perceived performance guidelines seem to be more about persuading by faking these load metrics, rather than optimizing for an overall smooth User Experience. Let's see how we can ensure a pleasant journey across the entire user interaction with our web apps. About Lucian: He loves people, he loves sharing, he loves helping communities and he loves technology. If it would be to use a person to describe the word "energy" itself, he is that one. Frequently experiencing bursts of enthusiasm when hot tech topics and trends are brought into the discussion, he enjoys increasing the latency of his neurons response by thinking about, practicing and researching ways of boosting the user experience performance for large scale apps.

  • Workshop: DotNet with Docker on Linux

    Fab Lab Iasi

    Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dotnet-with-docker-on-linux-tickets-55864650674 Details: https://dotnetdays.ro/dotnet-on-docker-on-linux/