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The Mission of our Leadership Development Program is to provide ongoing training in advanced professional development skills so that members of our community grow and eventually assume positions of leadership with confidence, efficacy, and vision. DoveWI's Leadership Development Program is rooted in three core competency areas:

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: Building relationships, networking, and effectively communicating with others. Leaders think and act across organizational functions and silos — and help others to do the same.

OPERATING AND MOTIVATING: Managing people, processes, and initiatives in order to achieve organizational excellence. Leaders effectively manage people and processes up and down the organization, getting the top and the bottom of the hierarchy to work together.

REASONING AND STRATEGIC THINKING: Identification of opportunities, thoughtful analysis, and synthesis of data leading to strategic solutions. Leaders handle uncertainty, solve multi-dimensional problems and deal with interconnected systems.

Upcoming Workshops to include: (schedule TBA)

Stages of Group Development

Leading and Managing through Change

Navigating Conflict, Peacemaking, and Resolution

Group Facilitation, Intervention, and Process

Organizational Assessment and Diagnosis

Human Resource Management

Consultation and Coaching

Policy Process and Analysis

Process Improvement Tools and Strategies

Managing Project Risk, Uncertainty, and the Unexpected

Mastering Organizational Politics and Power

The Psychodynamics of Organizations

Managing Enterprise Risk

Organizational Culture Change: Theory and Practice

The Balance of Power in the Global New Normal

Strategic Analysis and Performance Management

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

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Workshop: New Rules for Women?
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Dove Wellness Institute

The DoveWI Workshop Series presents:

Women Working Together – Issues and Strategies for More Productive Engagement between Women at Work

Presented by: Dr. Wayne A. Matthews

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Why do women often feel belittled, betrayed, or sabotaged by other women in the workplace? THE NEW RULES FOR WOMEN: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together (Third Bridge Press; September 2014) delves into this vexing and vital question.

Based on her original research into women’s relationships, communication, and expectations at work, Dr. Anne Litwin reveals startling paradoxes that spur misunderstandings, conflict, and resentment between women on the job.
Beyond shedding light on the problem, Dr. Litwin offers workable solutions to help women develop more supportive relationships with female colleagues at every level—for the sake of their own job satisfaction and their organization’s success.

In this workshop, we will review Dr. Anne Litwin's book and explore how it exposes key sources of confusion and misunderstanding between women colleagues and offers powerful tools for preventing and resolving conflict that result in better relationships, as well as increased productivity and retention.

Learning Objectives:
Leverage women's strengths such as team- and consensus-building
Overcome conflicts due to gender socialization and organizational culture
Recognize and manage role boundaries and gender expectations
Learn what patterns exist in working relationships among women and how women's expectations can create misunderstandings

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