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Looking for laid back players looking to step up their game. In need of a GM who is flexible and not so militant. Also, my PF "Dungeon" is high tech - the GM station has two monitors for map/game data and SyrinScape Sound System powered by a 7.2 digital Dolby DTS/THX Onkyo audio system, a 96" 3d-ready projection screen and projector for battle images/action and the gaming table is a monstrous table for 6(including the GM) with a 55" gaming screen built into it for maps. The table is spacious enough for drinks, food and paper materials for 6 people.

Behind the gaming area is a fully stocked hand built wet bar complete with dragon-themed mugs of course! (Donations for bar stocking will be accepted in order to maintain stock!) The bar is much more stocked than the pictures show, also decorations/sconces/pictures adorn the walls. (It's a continuous work in progress!)

Please let me know if you're interested and if you're a GM as well. I will only accept small groups of 3-5. Twice monthly sessions max with "make-up dates" as well, so, upon everyone's agreement, we may have three sessions a month to catch up after a cancellation.

I have the full decks collection, GM books, Screen, several books but nearly enough, bring your own dice! The computer runs the SyrinScape and PowerPoint type map management as D20-type software was too convoluted/worthless at the time of setting this up a couple years ago.

Email me at Scott.ak47@gmail.com or message me from within this MeetUp. Thanks!

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