Meet cool people, and let your spirit soar! Or just enjoy some spirited fun!


This is an interactive Abraham-Hicks discussion group. Our intention is to uplift ourselves, uplift each other, and leave feeling even better than when we arrived. To this end, we will use a variety of Abraham-Hicks inspired or Abe-ish tools at our disposal, depending upon what feels most appropriate and effective in the moment.


As a courtesy to taking up a seat at the cafe we encourage buying something from the coffee bar.

Each event will be different and tailored to that particular group's 'in-the-moment' vibrational stance. Some of the things we've done in the past include:

-Sharing success stories, "beating the drum" of our own power and inspiring each other

-Using the strength of a group of focusers to point us in the vibrational direction we want to be headed

-Playing light-hearted games that foster appreciation, joy, laughter and fun

-Laying vibrational, energetic grids and pre-paving future experiences -Guided meditation, guided visualization and virtual reality imaginings

-Sharing particularly inspiring Abraham quotes or audio clips

This is an accepting group of fun and high flying people. The interactive discussion often devolves into a "laughfest"! We really go with what feels good in the moment and follow our own guidance and inspiration.

Our Goal:

To quote David Gordon, who is a moderator and founder of the international Abraham-Hicks focused online forum called the, we aim to be "a swirling mass of co-operative components hell bent on Joyous celebration in all the forms of that on the planet...."

If you are so inspired, come and join us for a delightful time!

Who is Abraham-Hicks?

If you have never heard of Abraham-Hicks please check out their website here. They are teachers of the Law of Attraction and they have many books and resources online. One of their most famous books is Ask And It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. You can also look them up on YouTube by putting in Abraham-Hicks and seeing what pops up. You can also find their many books, audio, and cards at your public library.