What we're about

Welcome to Chicago's premier climbing group!

Why premier? Because I said so... now behave lest you be relegated to perennial belayer.

This group is for anyone whom lives in Chicago and wants to climb. While the group is just finding its bearings, the basic hope is that we all get to climb a little more. That's what everyone wants, right? Most of us are probably gym rats by circumstance, but if we get a chance to take a trip somewhere with fancy luxuries like "real rock", then all the better.

If you have a car and want partners, I'm sure many urbanites would be more than happy to carpool. Getting to and from the suburbs by train takes too long and being sweaty and covered in chalk probably doesn't make the experience any more enjoyable. So let's get sweat and chalk all over the inside of your car instead! It's a win-win...

This is a democracy... mostly. Okay, so it's a benevolent oligarchy. Anyway... make suggestions for meetups, pair up in the forums, post last minute propositions for impromptu weeknight bouldering comps. Whatever gets you climbing.

If you're interested in being an organizer, get with me at one of the meetups.

And I will get a picture up soon to make organizing a bit easier. I just have to come to terms with the inevitable loss of dignity and take a "selfie". Just writing that made me die a little inside. Until then, look for a tall, monochromatically-clad gentleman... and don't forget to use the secret phrase.

Make it so.

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