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Christmas Party and Ornament Exchange
Hello to All, This group has been a diners dream. So many great people! We've made some very dear friendships in the last year and 1/2 and I'm sure that will continue as time goes on. With all that... I'd like to pull together a Holiday Party with a twist, an ornament exchange. Its a bring your own ENTREE food item (potluck) and a drink of your choice. (what ever you choose to bring; Bring for 10 people only, regardless of the group showing 50.) With so many choices I'm sure we will have more than enough food and drink). If you want to bring a dessert or appetizer, please message me. This will be at my Building Community Room on J St (across from San Diego Central Library "Metrome Building") It has a partial kitchen and two living rooms with patio. I promise that this will be a super fun event. I've been doing similar with my friends and family for years. (guys you will enjoy the exchange as well...seriously, its a crazy, full of laughter game. Okay to bring a gift card instead). My building caps at 49 capacity. So I'm setting the event around that amount. Hope to see you! (see details below) Thank you for the "continued" good times! Donna We will play the game an hour or so into party. FOR THE ONES JOINING THE ORNAMENT EXCHANGE: As we eat, drink and be merry!! Let's play... If you feel uneasy regarding the ornament, a gift card for $10.00 wrapped, is totally acceptable to join the game. How to play: This is where the ones that want to play brings one wrapped ornament to the party within a budget of around $10.00. As you arrive, place all of the wrapped ornaments on the table provided. When we decide to start the game guests gather around the ornaments and each guest draws a number out of a hat. The person with #1 chooses an ornament from the table and unwraps it, this person also will be the last pick of the night and closes the game. The person with #2 can choose to take that ornament from person #1 or select a different ornament from the table to unwrap. And the game goes on from there. Ornaments can be taken twice, then the item is frozen and that person gets to keep it forever. It continues until the last number called, then number #1 gets to steal one of the unfrozen ornaments and in turn hands their ornament to the one that that has the stolen and the game closes. Game is optional :) Happy gift shopping!

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Well this has been amazing. "We" starting this group March 14th, 2017, and even though we haven't even had an anniversary yet, we have shown to be a vibrant and exciting group. Many more places to check out, many more friendships to create and many more adventures to be had.

I look forward to this year. I feel in my heart that it will be amazing for all of us.

I am so "Grateful" for all of you. Best to you in 2018!

Let's Eat!!

Donna Jan.2.2018

My Story:

I just recently bought a studio Downtown. I took a gamble and am fulfilling a bucket list dream. I'm not sure how long I want to stay downtown but I want to enjoy it to the fullest while I'm here. We live in such a beautiful city and their are so many great venues and restaurants, it's sorta overwhelming. It seems that a dinner group would be a great way to venture out and meet new people, share the experience.

I found that a lot of great connections and ideas would come out of these dinners. Eating together involves sharing food, sharing ideas and connecting with other people. It's something we've been doing as long as humans have been on this planet. Today, we live in jam-packed cities, yet ironically they can feel far more isolating than smaller, rural communities. I always ask people if they know the other people on their floor in their condo building, and generally their answer is: "not really."

Everyone has to eat, so why not eat together?

What I've learned from bringing people together is that hosting requires a bit of finesse. I hope it inspires you to meet more people over meals, whether you become a part of the community or just start inviting people you know to eat with you more often. Any who, Lets see if I get some interest.

Best to your wonderful life,

Donna Mar.14.2017

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