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I just recently bought a studio Downtown. I took a gamble and am fulfilling a bucket list dream. I'm not sure how long I want to stay downtown but I want to enjoy it to the fullest while I'm here. We live in such a beautiful city and their are so many great venues and restaurants, it's sorta overwhelming. It seems that a dinner group would be a great way to venture out and meet new people, share the experience.

I found that a lot of great connections and ideas would come out of these dinners. Eating together involves sharing food, sharing ideas and connecting with other people. It's something we've been doing as long as humans have been on this planet. Today, we live in jam-packed cities, yet ironically they can feel far more isolating than smaller, rural communities. I always ask people if they know the other people on their floor in their condo building, and generally their answer is: "not really."

Everyone has to eat, so why not eat together?

What I've learned from bringing people together is that hosting requires a bit of finesse. I hope it inspires you to meet more people over meals, whether you become a part of the community or just start inviting people you know to eat with you more often. Any who, Lets see if I get some interest.

Best to your wonderful life,

Donna Mar.14.2017

If you would like to contact me direct: downtownsddininggroup@gmail.com

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