What we're about

This group is for people who have gone or are currently going through a divorce/ separation or loss of a spouse.

We want to offer friendship, laughter, fun and support. If your friends are all married or attached and you want to get out and about with people who can identify with you then this is the group for you! Events will mainly be held in Doylestown, New Hope, Lambertville and surrounding Bucks County areas. This group is meant to be a positive, fun and supportive place for men and women alike. Let's build each other up and have some fun doing it!

This is NOT a dating group, but a place to build friendships with people who get it. Gents - please no talk of sex or hooking up. Don't be the creep in our crowd. ; )

This group has several admins. If an admin gets complaints about an individual lacking in manners and respect they will remove him/ her from the group without hesitation.

Please do not repeatedly ask for someone's phone number or other contact information. If they say no the first time, respect that. Be especially respectful of first time attendees. Please DO NOT make comments on a member's appearance of the opposite gender, especially first time attendees. You may mean it as a compliment, but it rarely comes across as simply friendly - especially if it's someone you don't know. This can be very intimidating to new members. Do not monopolize one person for too long - again this is particularly important for first time attendees who may feel uncomfortable trying to move on to talk to other people. Be aware of body language and signals that the other person is ready to move to talk to other people. Be friendly but respectful.

Please do not message members you have not met in person. If you have never been to an event but message numerous people in the group via Meetup, that can appear creepy. Please don't do it.

Please note that some events may be gender specific.

Please use a profile picture so we can see who we are meeting! If there is a reason you would rather not use a photo in your profile, please contact me via message so I know who you are. I will contact members without a picture or with a name abbreviation for verification. Thanks for your understanding.

Please try and honor your RSVP - I pick venues based on the number of people coming and it really helps if people come when they say they are going to. If you have an emergency come up you can always message me. I know stuff happens, especially for members with small kids!

Having spent a LOT of money out of pocket to run the group for the first year, I now ask for a $3 contribution to each event to cover my expenses. Arranging this Meetup for such large group events is both expensive and incredibly time consuming. If the $3 is a financial burden for you, please contact me. I don't want anyone to be unable to attend due to cost. If you don't like the idea of paying $3 I totally understand and there will be absolutely no hard feelings if you choose not to attend this Meetup. Coming and then complaining about the $3 is really demoralizing for me and I occasionally get reports of it happening. Please try to avoid doing that. Thank you!!

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Disco!! 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.


Latin Night at Nostalgia 1720 on FRIDAY night!


Last Minute Mixer!

Villa Capri

Holiday Fun with Friends!

Water Wheel Tavern

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