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Are you looking to back to where it all started for your intro to D&D? How does a group of other individuals rolling back the clock for AD&D 1E game play? Trying to kick-start some interest and get a nostalgic core group to play online for starters and maybe in-person if forces allow. Who doesn't want to relive the fun of Village of Hommlet, conquer the Giants series and be a Monk when they did real hand damage. Looking forward to hearing from some old schoolers.

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Forging into The Great Pass. A fake Dragon, Minotaurs, what is next?

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The Devious Se7en is only 4 miles into The Great Pass and they have been highly tested. Do they have enough to continue and exit at the other end? What is at the other end? The Dark Master? His Army? Great Treasure or death?

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