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Pathfinder ADVENTURE PATH RUN! ($5)

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PATHFINDER ADVENTURE PATH RUN! Pay to Play is ($5 per player)! This is a trial run, if it succeeds we will eventually offer the full Adventure Path series on most Saturdays. It will take breaks for holidays and special occasions. GM for our first 6 Adventure Path Run's will be Milan Badzic! Thank you so much for GM'ing Milan! The first 6 Adventure Path Run Scenarios are the "Rise of the Runelords" starting with "Burnt Offerings"!

Pathfinder Society plays at Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy every Monday and Thursday! We're up to 6-7 tables playing and room for more! So come join in the fun!

You can find the list of scenarios for this event here: I update this list each week as soon as we have enough GMs volunteer to run tables. If you don't see a scenario you like, email me and we'll get it on the schedule!

This is a weekly Pathfinder Society Meet-Up happening at Dragon's Lair Comics and Fantasy in Austin, Texas. We play at 7:00 PM every Monday and Thursday! It is open to all players, both new and experienced. We will running 6 tables each session, 7 if there's enough players for overflow.

If the event looks full, RSVP anyway. We always have a few no-shows, so odds are we will be able to find you a spot at the tables.

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  • Milan B.

    Hey guys, GM here. After our break from thanksgiving, I am glad to say we are back and ready to go. We will be continuing from where we left off.

    If you are playing, please bring a level 13 character. If you are bringing a new character, it will be 20-point buy and 128,000 gold (no more than half spent on 1 item).

    Be ready to level up to level 13, which means have all feat, class features and skills etc. picked out before you arrive.

    I know there is starting to be a lot of interest, so be sure to sign up on the warhorn to guarantee yourself a seat.

    4 years ago
  • Ken Fisher (Seton A.

    Pathfinder Society Scenarios will also be available to play for no cost: The Devil We Know: Parts 1, 2, and 3; and Shadows Last Stand: parts 1 and 2

    4 years ago