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Act in character? Explore dungeons? Slay monsters? Eat, socialize and be merry? Then, come play Dragons and Dungeons with us. Join us for a one-shot or longer campaign. We adore beginners and appreciate the veterans. That's what makes it a party - of the adventuring kind.

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Lost Mine of Phandelver: D&D Initiate Campaign Part 4

~ Along the Triboar Trail, beyond the Ruins of Thundertree, this ancient realm and stronghold, once the centre of the land, lies here tragically in ruins. Its towers, battered and decapitated, mark the area of crumbling masonry of once great halls. Its new name, Cragmaw Castle, names its new inhabitants. Plunge further, if you dare, into the spider's web.~ For those who attended any of the first three sessions, come find more adventure in this fourth chapter. For those eager to join, be quick to RSVP. Bring a first level character or come 10 minutes early and create one with the host. Back stories liven up the banter and spice up the plot. Dice and miniatures are assets, but extras will be provided. Everyone is welcome. Ask questions in the comments area. NOTE: This event will be held at the Tabletop Cafe at 124 St. (just off downtown.) Sumptuous food and drink served here. $7.00 gaming fee payable to the cafe.

A Friend in Need: D&D One-Shot Game

Table Top Cafe

~ The man in the floppy hat twirling his moustache steps forward and pleads, 'In these past tendays, the violence has risen. Worse yet, amid this odious malevolence, I have misplaced a friend, Floon Blagmaar. He has disappeared - possibly kidnapped. Will you help me find him in this hour of need?' ~ Come scour the city streets of Waterdeep and engage its curious citizens as you rescue Floon. Quickly, sign up for this D&D game from the Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign. Bring a first level character. If needed, you can show up to the venue 10 minutes early to create one with the game master. Bring dice, pen, paper and enthusiasm to this classic D&D adventure. Everyone is welcome. Ask questions in the comments area. The cost for the venue is a $7 admission fee. Sumptuous food and drink served here. This game will be offered again during IntrigueCon on October 19, 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. It will also extend into a campaign in the following weeks.

Role Playing Game Fest at Intrigue Con

Queen Alexandra Community League


Check out our list of games offered over the 5 sessions (https://bit.ly/2k5Ch5A). Sign up for these games or others at the convention. To attend, pay the $36.00 convention registration fee on this Meetup Event page. Accounts will be created and sent by IntrigueCon so you can login at intriguecon.com to register for individual games. You can view the full Intrigue Con 2019 Schedule at http://intriguecon.com/calendar/convention. As we add games, we will send you updates. As part of the Edmonton role playing game community, the Dragons in Dungeons Meetup Group is excited to participate in this year’s convention in Edmonton. Throughout the convention, we will be: - hosting D&D One-Shot games - playing other role playing games - swapping at the SWAP MEET - presenting at this year’s Community Showcase - gathering for our first Meetup Group SOCIAL Anyone excited to help as a game master or organize this event, please message the organizer, Carey Hilgartner. Stay adventurous.

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Circles of Feyre: D&D Campaign Part 4

Table Top Cafe

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