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Drawing Architectural Perspectives at Stanford Museums
Welcome! Do love to sketch? Do you love the Stanford University Museums? Would you like to come in contact directly with great architecture while using your talent in drawing? Heidi Noriko, drawing instructor will help you look carefully at perspective drawing interior architecture. What you would need to get started is a sketchbook and pencil for perspective drawing. For indoor drawing, museum policy requires one to draw only with pencil or colored pencils. No worries! Basic is beautiful. These simple tools will enable you to become a more refined artist. The class will be structured for all types of people from basic to expert. I will be sensitive to your needs. DIRECTIONS: To start, bring a sketchbook, pencils and eraser to The Anderson Collection at Stanford University. There are portable stools located at both museums. 1:45PM Meet at the entrance of The Anderson Collection at Stanford University. 2:00PM Instructor Introduction to today's course and friendly greetings. Shortly after this, the instructor Heidi Noriko will have a short talk the The Anderson Collection. We will first examine geometric shapes and then examine usage of how lines converge in the in the interior of modern architecture to start visualizing perspective drawing. How will you as an artist convey it's meaning through the usage of line, form, light and shadow? 2:15PM Warm up Gesture Drawings Gesture drawings are quick sketches identifying form basic geometric form. It is like an action drawing and like warming up your car, this is a good tool to get your creative juices working! 2:45PM This time instead of figurative drawing it's focus is in converging lines to find one point perspective on paper. Focused Sketch/es until you think you are finished! By this time you are feeling what I call the creative adrenaline start to flow. We will finish a few drawings at the Anderson Collection and then move to the Cantor Arts Center for final drawings. Here you will definitely see a difference in how lines and geometry differs from modern to classic architecture. You will start to squeeze your beautiful and unique perception. If not, don't despair you have taken the plunge in this unique experience! I will stay until 3:30PM or a bit longer.

Anderson Collection

314 Lomita Drive · Stanford