DREAM CAFE: Dreams, Astrology and Discovering Inner Potential

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Price: £5.00


Tibits 12-14 Heddon Street W1B 4DA · London

How to find us

Please buy a drink (sorry, no alcohol) or food plate and proceed to the basement level. There will be a sign on our table.

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In this Meetup, we will look into our nighttime dreams as well as some aspects of astrology that can give us specific clues regarding our inner potential and how to navigate these interesting times.

The session will be led by experienced psychotherapist and dream workers in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

No prior dream work experience or astrology is required. Just bring your dream and your birthday (exact time of birth will help) and let's see where it takes you.

*We appreciate the donation of £3 - £5. (or £10 for both the participation fee and purchase of Hitomi's book on dreams, "The Dream Compass: Using Dreams as Your Guide.")

(Please make sure to read the etiquette rules before signing up. Thanks!)

This is a social group and is not recommended if you are suffering from an acute symptoms, such as sudden and extreme physical symptoms, severe mental distress, suicidal thoughts, and mental disorientation. In such cases, please contact the emergency number, physicians, your family doctors, local counseling agencies or hotlines of your area.

1. Please keep the personal information including contents of dreams that will be talked about during the meetups confidential. When you talk about the event to a non-participant, please talk about the learning, but not personal information or anything that would connect the information to a specific participant.

2. Please be mindful and respect the feedback (both verbal and non-verbal) of other participants when you interact with them.

3. When you are listening to a dream, you are encouraged to ask the dreamer questions in ways that would facilitate the understanding of the dream. When you offer your understanding or interpretation, please be aware of and respect the feedback from the dreamer, and do not press on when your suggestion do not seem to resonate with her/him. Please refrain from making judgmental comments about other participants or their dreams.

4. Due to the subtle nature of dream work, we recommend avoiding alcohol beverages during the core meetup hours (6:30-8:30pm).

5. Please refrain from sharing sexual or graphically disturbing dreams out of respect for the other participants. We encourage you to work on such dreams with your personal therapists.

6. Dream Cafe meetups and workshops are not meant to replace standard medical and/or mental health counselling. Please take full responsibility for your own well-being when attending the meetups.

Please write Hitomi at info (at) innerawareness.org if you have any question.

Thanks for your understanding & look forward to exploring dreams with you soon!

Hitomi & Adi
(Organizers & facilitators, Dream Cafe)