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Control Your Own Financial Future
🤔 Want to control your own FINANCIAL FUTURE? Want to be free FINANCIALLY? I know money cannot buy your happiness, but imagine how it feels if you never have to worry about expenses or income again... Come to this 👉 FREE "A Path to Financial Freedom" Event👈; We will provide with you informed educations, so 🔥 you can help yourself with your own financial future, or 🔥 you want to start a business if you are willing to make some extra passive income by helping others. 🤔 Do you know 62% of millennials "have considered starting their own business”? But less than 2 percent of millennials (born after 1980) in 2014 were self-employed, compared with 7.6 percent of Generation Xers (born[masked]) and 8.3 percent of baby boomers (born[masked]) -- Small Business Administration All because we all facing the financial challenges That is, 🌟🌟“How money works!”🌟🌟 At this "FREE LEARN & EARN EVENT", we will share with you how to make your money work for you. So let me show you how, to Build a business of your own with unlimited passive income potentials, 🏁 flexible working hours, 🏁 Free mentoring from industry leaders, 🏁 NO employees or payrolls, 🏁 NO startup costs or overhead, 🏁 NO inventory, 🏁 NO lawsuit Come to join us on October 13th, see you there...

2290 N. First Street, Suite 208, San Jose, CA 95131

2290 N. First Street Suite 208, · San Jose, ca

What we're about

This group is meant to EDUCATE people on financial fundamentals, such as debt management, retirement planning, college planning, emergency fund, proper protection, build wealth and preserve wealth, tax saving, etc., so you can help yourself with your own financial future. For those of you who are willing to help others, you have already started a profitable business by helping others.

Now, imagine a business of your own with unlimited passive income potentials and flexible working hours, without employees or payrolls, without startup costs, overhead or inventory, without lawsuit; does that sound like your kind of business?

Today, we can learn almost everything from school; we can learn finance, business administrations, computer science, data science, but all of these are taught to serve others, serve big cooperation.

The only one most important knowledge that are related to ourselves, our family and our financial future we cannot learn from school.

It is the financial education, how to protect and provide financial security for ourselves and our family.

“The number one problem in today’s generation and economy is lack of financial literacy.” – Alan Greenspan.

Do you know 62 percent of millennials "have considered starting their own business."

According to a study by the Small Business Administration, less than 2 percent of millennials (born after 1980) in 2014 were self-employed, compared with 7.6 percent of Generation Xers (born 1965-1980) and 8.3 percent of baby boomers (born 1946-1964).

All because the financial challenges facing today's young adults are stifling their entrepreneurial dreams. The results of a nationwide survey published by EY.

Do you know about 46% of Americans are concerned about outliving their income?

Right now, about 10,000 baby boomers are turning to 65 every day. By the year of 2034, the social security fund will be completely depleted; only 32% of seniors aged 65 and over have $200,000 in retirement account and about 25% of Americans aged 65 and over rely social security as their only source of retirement income.

Do you know about 81% of Gen Xers are concerned that they may not be able to make their ends meet in retirement and in addition to the retirement, they are also concerned about job security and education expenses. Many of them are considered “Sandwich Generation”, because they are sandwiched between raising children and caring for aging parents at the same time, Generation X appears to be “The Worried Generation,” as many were hit hard by the financial crisis and have ongoing concerns about job stability. Because many high tech companies are laying off older employees with higher salaries for younger ones with less salaries.

Millennials are facing even bigger hurdles. About 39% of people under age 25 are unemployed or underemployed; they are earning less today than the same age group did in the past; 40% of Millennials aged 18 to 29 currently have student loan debt; 15% of 25- to 35-year-old Millennials were living in their parents’ home as of 2016 and Millennials are less likely to be homeowners than young adults in previous generations. Millennials are even more financially fragile.

You see, almost everything is related to the lack of financial education; but nobody else is more interested in your financial future than you are, definitely not the government, your employer or anyone else. It is your responsiblities to learn how money works, and how to protect and provide financial security for your own family, because you are the one who is in control of your family’s financial future.

Within this group, we will provide FREE financial education, so you can help yourself, you family and anybody you care about, you can also start a business of your own and make profit if you are willing to help others. So what are you waiting for?

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