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Calling all closeted dreamers and freedom seekers! We are a passionate, growing group of young people, ages 18-35, who strive to lead extraordinary lives and help others do the same. We are innovators driven to live beyond the status quo. Join our community, and learn how to take ownership of your life, your health, your dreams, and your contributions. On a mission to help ignite young people to own their lives and create the freedom life they most desire. I created this group to form a community of like-minded, positive, energetic, heart-driven people who want to support each other, grow with each other, have fun with each other, and dream out loud together.

Because listen, if you are content with life and enjoy just getting up each day, going to work, coming home, waiting for Friday, going out with friends and drinking, rinsing and repeating over and over again then good for you. But if you are looking for a tribe of people who want to want to do life differently, who want more from life and who don't want to wait till retirement to maybe have the chance to enjoy it then you are in the right place.

Our meetups will be a mix ranging from personal development training, to happy hours, to group hikes, to volunteer days, to netflix and wine nights, to group sweat sessions. It isn't so much about what we will be doing, but rather who we will be doing it with. People who want to have soul level conversations, encourage and support big dreaming, have a glass have full mentality about life, and see a world of possibility in front of them. This group is about community, connection, and creating a life we are damn excited about each and every day.

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