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Dream Discussion, Lucid Dreaming and Consciousness Experiences
Welcome Dream Walker: 3rd Wednesday of every 2nd month is our latest standard monthly meetup day - see calendar. Regular bi-monthly meetings consist of a short presentation or two with discussion, as well as a time for a member to share a dream who want to request feedback and interpretation from the group. Discussing our dreams, ideas like shared dreams from the movie "Inception", dream interpretation, waking up inside your dreams, philosophy of life, out of body experiences, etc. Bring in your dream journal, favorite books and DVD's to show us on the subject, and come prepared to have fun and grow your dreaming ability. Our group's reference book to continue reading together and discussing is "The Power of Creative Dreaming" by Pamela Ball. Read what you can but not necessary in the discussion portion of the meeting. It is a very low-priced quality hard cover tome covering everything from lucid dreaming through symbolism of dreams. Order it here: The Power of Creative Dreaming on ( You are welcome to bring a dream totem to each meeting, a small meaningful object to show that you associate with lucid dreaming awareness. It can be any trinket or image that inspires you to wake up inside your dreams. See the movie "Inception" for an example of totems. Also inspiration for our lucid dreaming work are the web sites: ( and - take a look and see how they break down the lucid dream/OBE techniques. You don't have do anything, to have read the book or have attended a previous meetup to join us. You can eat before you arrive, or eat during our meetup. We have an informal and friendly group, so just drop on in... Questions can be emailed to me, the Group Organizer, Jeff Teachworth - [masked]

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For people who love discussing and interpreting dreams. Also for those learning to dream walk, whether through lucid dreaming or astral projection. Content covered varies from meeting to meeting, but includes meaning of dreams, various dream practices, metaphysical philosophies and how to use dream material to enhance ordinary life.

We have friendly discussions, review books and movies so group can discuss. We are very tolerant and harmonizing to many varieties of opinions about how our Multiverse works. We meet bi-monthly on the 3rd Tuesday. See our calendar...

Many members have formed smaller exploration groups among themselves, and others develop one on one friendships. RSVP is not necessary, as many members simply drop in to our general in-person meetings.

We hope you can join us to share discoveries and meet new friends. (Wait... Checking to make sure I am not just dreaming this experience....... or are you dreaming this?).

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