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Dream Discussion, Lucid Dreaming and Consciousness Experiences

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Regular monthly meeting agenda. 3rd Wednesday of the month is our standard meetup day - see calendar.

Discussing our dreams, ideas like shared dreams from the movie "Inception", dream interpretation, waking up inside your dreams, philosophy of life, out of body experiences, etc. Bring in your dream journal, favorite books and DVD's to show us on the subject, and come prepared to have fun.

Movie to watch for discussion at the January meeting is Beauty and the Beast by Jean Cocteau, for its dreamy imagery.

Our new book to continue reading together and discussing is "The Power of Creative Dreaming" by Pamela Ball. It is a very low-priced quality hard cover tome covering lucid through symbolism of dreams. Order it here: ( We agreed to read up to page 90.

We decided to collect a dream totem. Please bring it to each meeting to show it and associate it with lucid dreaming awareness. It can be any trinket or object that inspires you to wake up inside your dreams. See the movie "Inception" for an example.

We meet in a modern and comfortable office in Metairie, with a multimedia system we can show movies and instructional videos about our subject matter.

A major inspiration for our lucid dreaming work is the web site: http://www.lucidology... ( - take a look and see how they break down the lucid dream/OBE techniques.

You don't have to have read the book, see the monthly movie, or have attended a previous meetup to join us. We have an informal and friendly group, so just RSVP and then drop on in...

Questions can be emailed to Group Organizer, Jeff Teachworth -