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Business Models - Creating Viable Business (Workshop)

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The Graham Wallas Room (AGWR) (also known as room A550) is on the fifth floor of the Old Building. It has entrances on both Houghton Street, and Clare Market. Using either entrance, you will find the room, but the Clare Market entrance might be a little closer and also has wheelchair access.

If you have any difficulties, please ask reception at the Houghton Street entrance of Old Building, the staff are very helpful.

On arrival at the Old Building, there is no need for delegates to sign in or register, just take the lift to the fifth floor. Walk through the Staff Dining Room, and then through the Senior Common Room. The Graham Wallas Room is through the door on the righ hand side of the Senior Common Room.

About Startup Academy

The Dreamstake Academy has been launched with the mission to provide teaching and guidance of the highest academic level to startup leaders on a range of relevant topics. It is designed to complement the capabilities of startup teams by providing expert knowledge.

Creating Viable Business Models

Course Overview:

Given the pace of change in the internet world, a good understanding of business models has never been more important. It is almost the CEO’s main role to be continually iterating the model – no wonder it’s the first question VCs ask. This seminar will explain clearly the five key components of a business model – namely sales, gross margin, overhead, working capital and funding model. It will demystify the jargon and crucially show you how an understanding of the numbers will help you create a winning business model ie a unique proposition to your customers that will set you apart from the competition.


The course will cover the key aspects of a business model, and using practical examples show you how the key to success is not just the idea but a deep understanding of the nature of your business model. This seminar will provide you with the knowledge and tools to rigorously analyse your model. You will achieve success with your idea – but not with the first version of your business model.

Course Leader:

Johnny is an enthusiastic educator and communicator who loves demystifying and explaining business numbers and jargon.

He is a British Library Business & IP Centre Partner where he runs the Essential Business Finance workshop ( Recent attendees have made successful applications to the Wayra incubator.

As a columnist for Better Business, Johnny passionately promotes financial understanding and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business managers overcome their “fear of finance”.

An experienced Director, he has helped turnaround and sell 3 businesses on behalf of Baring Venture Partners, JO Hambro and Monument Trust. He has prepared business plans that have raised over £25m, including $3m TV production finance. His wide-ranging sector experience means that he can bring his training to life with real stories and examples. He is also a guest columnist for Real Business and a mentor for the School of Communication Art.

Johnny is also the Head Financial Fitness Coach for Intuit makers of Quickbooks accounting software.

Course Plan:

10 min: Welcome & number game

40 min: Components of business model explained using emma t shirt entrepreneur

10 min: Quiz

10 min: Examples of business models in practice

10 min: Business models checklist - working

10 min: Q&A

Other Ressources:

Also included a 30% discount on Johnny’s resources: (

Business Plan Template – a properly formatted word document with checklist of contents. Not a me to business plan template.

Excel Forecasting Template which generates a five year forecast – a firm of accountants would charge at least £3-400 for this.

Highly acclaimed video Talk Money – this 90 minute video will ensure you don’t get caught out by the Dragons! RRP £18.00 – with the seminar £12.00.


Feedback for previous workshops (

“Thank you very much to the connection to your film. It is really very good and I agree with you about the necessity for training people to understand this stuff by taking the mystery out of it. To be honest there are a lot of people who are already supposed to be in business who could use a simple refresher on many of these points.” Tim Smit, Founder Eden Project

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