What we're about

Dear Dreampreneur,

This is a new group about helping you build your dream business online.

My name is BJ Min and I have been a fulltime digital marketer for 10+ years since 2008 so I have various experiences in internet marketing, digital marketing, self publishing, youtube videos, personal development, and more.

I am not claiming to be the best at any of these as most internet marketers specialize in one specialty. My specialty is self publishing but I still do my best to utilize all of the main marketing methods as best as possible to build my self publishing business. I also have a yearning to speak/teach others how to discover their own dreams, believe in themselves, and live their dreams by building their dream business online.

I created this meetup to ultimately help others believe in themselves, believe in their dreams, and live their dreams.

In the beginning stages of this meetup, I will teach the topics that I know about. 80% of the speaking will be me teaching the topics for basics & beginners. 20% will be spent on sharing my coaching & services & opportunities (which are for not free/paid services/paid coaching) to help you take you and your business to the next level (either by coaching OR done for you services).

NOTE: Although I am creating this meetup for free, I do have a PAID coaching program & done for you services & other opportunities to take any serious/desiring students to help them achieve better results to the next level. The only thing I ask all attendees is to be positive. Most seem to be cool but there tend to be people who complain, feel entitled, see the glass as half empty/negative/cynical/toxic, and do whatever it takes to try to complain. (If you are one of those, then PLEASE DO NOT JOIN & come to our meetups because I want our meetups to be positive & do our best to major on the MAJOR things to move forward instead of bickering out minor things that slows down the group as a whole. Please be respectful to me as the organize and I will be respectful to all of you as well. Thank you.)

Thank you,

BJ Min

PS...To check out my internet marketing/digital marketing/self publishing resources, check out my resources here.

- EbookBorn.com (http://ebookborn.com/) - Custom Done for You Self Publishing Service to Publish Your Dream Amazon Ebook/Book/Audiobook on Amazon!

- HowExpert.com/writers (http://howexpert.com/writers) - Write a How To Guide About Your #1 Passion/Knowledge/Experience/Hobby/Unique Expertise for My Publishing Brand HowExpert & Become Credited as a HowExpert Author at Amazon!

- HowExpert.com/ssp (http://howexpert.com/ssp) - Write a Fictional Short Story for My Fiction Publishing Brand Short Story Press!

- ChristianStoryPress.com/writers (http://christianstorypress.com/writers) - Write Your Christian Testimony/Story for My Christian Publishing Brand Christian Story Press!

- Dreampreneur.com/go (http://dreampreneur.com/go) - Dreampreneur Online Course which teaches the TOP 10+ digital marketing lessons to build your dream business online!

- http://Dreampreneur.com/coaching - 1 on 1 Coaching with BJ on how to build, grow, and succeed in your dream business online through MINDSET & MECHANICS (as success is 80% mindset & 20% mechanics as Tony Robbins says.)

- http://PublisherSystem.com - Self Publishing Online Course that Teaches You How to Build Your Independent Publishing Brand from Start to Finish & Also How to Publish Your Own Amazon Ebook + Book + Audiobook!

- EbookBorn.com (http://ebookborn.com/) - Custom Done for You Self Publishing Service to Publish Your Dream Amazon Ebook/Book/Audiobook on Amazon!

PPS...For now, I will be serving people in San Gabriel Valley/SGV/LA Area. You can certainly learn from people all over the world via the internet but there is something much more valuable learning the topics in REAL LIFE that surpasses learning from the internet because you are able to ask questions, connect, and really get impacted with the lessons in a deeper way. That is why meeting up and also taking coaching & done for you services from people in real life is more powerful/valuable than from someone just via the internet. All the best! (In the future, I am considering being a digital nomad and may possibly take these lessons/speaking/teachings ALL around the US & the world. So learn from me while I'm still here in SGV/LA for a limited time because after living here for 20+ years, I'm considering now leaving soon in the future.)

PPPS...In the FUTURE, I am looking for JOINT VENTURE PARTNERS where you can TEACH YOUR #1 BEST EXPERTISE & Sell Your PROGRAMS (coaching/service/etc) and we split a 50/50 revenue from this meetup. If you are interested, please come to 1 meeting & talk to me afterwards OR private message/PM me & tell me about you, your expertise, & your proof of expertise!

PPPPS...Lastly, the #1 thing I want to focus on is to build your publishing brand HowExpert which publishes HOW TO products on ALL TOPICS from A to Z! So if you are PASSIONATE about anything, then I am interested in HIRING YOU/PAYING YOU to create a BOOK or ONLINE COURSE and helping you get your NAME OUT THERE as an EXPERT for my HOWEXPERT brand. If interested, contact me. Thank you.

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