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Our group is about living more fulfilling lives and strengthening the social fabric of the world we live in by working with our dreams as a source of inner wisdom and guidance. If you believe there is more to this world than meets the eye, and appreciate the purpose of this group, then join us today!

In this group, we will be employing Jeremy Taylor’s technique of projective dreamwork, using each others’ dreams as a source of wisdom and guidance. Everyone will benefit from the collective dreamwork, even when the dream we work on is not specifically our own. The reason is because dreams contain archetypal symbols and themes that are applicable to all of our lives. Invariably, we will be able to identify that which is useful to us even in others’ dreams.

My teacher Jeremy Taylor, one of the most respected professionals in the field of dreamwork with over 50 years of experience, has maintained that dreams are here for our health and wholeness. This has borne out in my experience of working with hundreds of dreams. Just as importantly, our dreams contain earnest messages which goad us to take action in our lives. Therefore, I’ll also be bringing in Robert Moss’ approach of honoring our dreams by taking action with what we learn. Of course, as both Taylor and Moss have taught me, you are always the best judge of the wisdom you are to gain from your dreams. This is something I and every group member will be asked to honor.

We plan to meet in Brussels once a month. Then, a new group may be formed or the same group may be kept with new members joining in. We are also open to doing dreamwork with those of you who do not live in Brussels through video conferencing.

It is okay even if you are skeptical. Just remember, no great changes have come about without taking a leap of faith of some kind. Find out for yourself the power of your dreams, and how it can change your life. It has changed my life for sure!

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