Exploring Data Science


Hi everyone,

For Nulab Drinking Code in August, we are going to explore Data Science!

We've invited four speakers, experienced data science professionals, to share their industry experience, insights and interesting projects with us.

------- Agenda for Nulab Drinking Code Aug 31st ----------

6:30pm - 7:00pm: Food, drinks and chat
7:00pm - 8.15pm: Talks by our invited speakers.

Enhancing Customer Experience through AI - by A M Aditya, Cofounder of Xaltius.tech.
- Synopsis: The brief talk will focus on how Data Science and AI helps enhance customer experience on a day to day basis by walking through a example of the travel and tourism industry.

Building your Data Science capabilities - by Dat Le, Director of Data Science & Engineering at 90 Seconds.
- Synopsis: Find out how startups and organisations can approach the building of a data science team.

Creating professional AI projects without being an expert - by Nasrudin Salim, Senior Data Scientist at Canopy & Cofounder/COO of Chatoyance.
- Synopsis: Learn how to take available data and turn it into an AI project for predictive analysis.

Jupyter Notebook Tricks and Tips - by Dr Yeo Wee Kiang, Director at Smartease, and past Lead Instructor of the Data Science Immersive course at General Assembly.
- Synopsis: The Jupyter Notebook is one of the most commonly used tools in Data Science, especially among learners. However, there are some useful features that are not so well-known. In this talk, you will learn more about those features and how they can enhance your efficiency and user experience of Jupyter Notebook.

8.15pm - 9:00pm: Drinks, chat & exchange experiences/contacts

See you at the event!

--------Speaker Profile----------
Aditya is one of the co-founders of Xaltius Pte. Ltd. (www.xaltius.tech) , a start-up which primarily focuses on developing Artificial Intelligence based products to enhance customer experience across various industry sectors and provides data science and AI trainings to students and professionals across Singapore in partnership with various organizations. Aditya completed his Masters in Data Science from National University of Singapore and soon took to his passion of creating machine learning and computer vision products through the start-up.

Dat Le is currently Director of Data Science and Engineering at 90 Seconds (http://90seconds.tv/). He is passionate about big data, machine learning, and most importantly, their real-world applications and impact.
Throughout the years, he has been helping various startups of different sizes and industries, forming data teams, setting up data infrastructures, and building machine learning products.

Nasrudin Salim is a Data Scientist at Canopy where he designs, codes and leads an AI solution for a pdf financial processing engine. He specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and software development and design for financial markets and Fintech technology where he has worked across private banking, e-wallets to financial trading as both a Software Engineer and Data Scientist. He is an entrepreneur and consultant to a few fintech startups in his free time and has managed other startups including his own.

Dr Yeo Wee Kiang has more than 1400 hours of overseas and local classroom teaching experience. He holds the WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) from Institute for Adult Learning Singapore. His company, Smartease, is focused on developing state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence products, data science training and providing expertise consultancy to businesses keen to apply analytics and AI. Dr Yeo received his doctorate from National University of Singapore. For his PhD work, he specialised in machine learning and data mining in a multi-national company, where he received the Best Graduate Researcher award for his research. On a part-time basis, Dr Yeo routinely conducts Data Science courses as the Lead Instructor at a multi-national technology school.