Agile Product Development & Marketing (Agile for Sanity & Success)


Hi everyone!

Join us for Nulab Drinking Code in September where we check out Agile product development and marketing. Get 🍕+🍺+ network with other industry professionals in a friendly, casual setting.

Agenda for Nulab Drinking Code 28 Sept:
6:30pm - 7:00pm: Light snacks, beer/drinks, chat
7:00pm - 8.00pm: Talks by invited speakers:

1. Embracing Marketing Agility for your Sanity!
by Isman Tanuri, Marketing & Business Agility Trainer and Coach, at Elisan Partners (

While marketers are tasked to deal with digital complexities and always-changing Customer preferences and expectations, the work processes we use are largely archaic and ineffective. No wonder we feel hapless and stressed out. Isman will share a condensed history of why we're in this corporate mess and what we can do about it. He'll talk about practical Agile Marketing concepts that you can bring to your office and share stories of Agile Marketing implemented successfully by companies around the world.

2. Down the Rabbit Hole – When Product Owners Are Motivated by the Why, Not Just the What, Magic Happens!
By Nabayan Roy, Product Owner/Principal Learning Experience Designer, Autodesk Asia.

Focusing your product creation on solving problems is subtly but powerfully different than focusing on creating features. What does our customer really want? Understanding the unmet and unexpressed needs of the customers is the key to unlocking value. In this talk, we will explore cases (stories from AutoCAD & outside) where storytelling the “why” proved easier, more effective, and inspirational for the team to create an amazing thing. Every Product Owner should start by recognizing that your true job is to create a customer (not a solution).

3. “Product Ownership in an Agile Team”
by Michelle Loke, Head of Digital Services & Engagement at AXA.

Michelle will share on what it’s like being a Product Owner at AXA, and the challenges faced while working with multiple development teams, such as conflicting deadlines, managing a major website revamp, mobile app feature development, and more. Join her for this talk to find out more about the tech-driven and agile work environment at AXA.

8.00pm - 9:00pm: Continue drinks and networking session.

-Speaker Profile-

Isman Tanuri's mission is to change the status quo of marketing. He is the first, and currently, only ICAgile Authorised Instructor in Asia Pacific approved to deliver Certified Agile Marketing Professional training. As a trainer and learning facilitator, Isman has worked with global and regional organisations including Daimler, CardinalHealth, Cigna, Dialog Axiata, PepsiCo and Telkomsel to deliver marketing training and to facilitate strategy and team development workshops. To date, he has delivered in-person learning experiences in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Thailand. He is also a Lego® SERIOUS PLAY® designer and facilitator.

Nabayan Roy is a Product Owner and Principal Experience Designer at Autodesk, Singapore with the AutoCAD team. Nabayan’s interests include agile and lean product development, driving user experience excellence and human-centered design thinking using LUMA, user research, visual storyboarding, and customer interactions. Nabayan has presented at many international conferences on a variety of topics, including agile development, product design, and content strategy.

Michelle Loke has a wealth of experience in branding, digital marketing, social media, CRM and agile product ownership and leads digital transformation workshops and initiatives throughout AXA. In her role as an agile product owner, she is focused on improving the experience of customers via mobile applications, the website and all digital communications. She has a passion in breaking down the complex through the creative use of content, events and facilitating dialogue. Her experience spans across varied regional and local roles in distinguished brands BMW, adidas, and Bosch.