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Learn the Marketing Secrets of Fortune 500 Companies That Make Big Money

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Learn the Marketing Secrets of Fortune 500 Companies That Make Big Money

Michael Brandt, the “Social Man,” and Logan Alexander Diaz, a master business and marketing consultant, are joining forces for a series of business development seminars in Orange County. Michael is one of the biggest networkers in Orange County and one of the leading speakers on social media engagement. Logan Diaz was CEO of one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in LA and has consulted on projects for Disney, Red Bull and Viacom.

Michael will give you step-by-step instructions on how you can implement Fortune 500 social media secrets into your daily marketing that turn clicks into cash. Brand yourself like the big companies and position yourself as a leader in your industry. Facebook is like a net, it can capture large audiences but only if you know the rules of social media engagement. Social media is a novelty unless in the hands of an expert, learn to become that expert and generate leads even while you sleep.

Logan Diaz will be sharing the secrets of the Fortune 500 companies in the fields of marketing, design, brand building and sales strategies. You will learn how to think like a million dollar marketer and supercharge your sales. Logan will share some of his most powerful strategies that you can immediately implement into your business. Logan will share with you his award winning B-CORE Marketing Strategy that distills the complexities of marketing down into 3 Easy Steps.

Michael Brandt "The Social Man"

Logan Alexander Diaz "Business Succes Coach"