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'Drop the Label and reconnect' is a support group for people who experience depression or anxiety. Depression and anxiety have risen to epidemic levels. Across the world, scientists have found nine different causes, most of which are bound up with how we are living today. They have found that depression and anxiety are a completely understandable response to the world around us, social problems, our experiences and our environment. Now that we are gaining an understanding of the real causes of depression and anxiety, we can start to put forward new solutions that can give us hope of overcoming our distress.

Each week we will focus on talking about one of the identified causes of depression and anxiety: Disconnection from other people, Disconnection from meaningful work, Disconnection from meaningful values, Disconnection from childhood trauma, Disconnection from status and respect, Disconnection from the natural world, Disconnection from a hopeful and secure future, and Real role of genes and brain changes.

After talking about the identified form of Disconnection, during the same session we will also discuss ways of overcoming depression and anxiety through Reconnection: Reconnection to other people, Reconnection through social prescribing, Reconnection to meaningful work, to meaningful values, Reconnection through Sympathetic Joy, and overcoming addiction to the self, Reconnection through acknowledging and overcoming childhood trauma, and Reconnection through restoring a secure future.

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Acknowledging and Overcoming Childhood Trauma

Library of Birmingham

To begin with, we'll be talking about the way in which some people have become disconnected from traumatic events experienced within childhood, which if left unaddressed can exercise a negative impact on their adult life, and in some cases be a driver of depression and anxiety. Then we will move on to talking about how acknowledging and overcoming childhood trauma can be a means of recovering from depression and anxiety. You just need to bring your lovely selves. I'll be wearing a bright blue jacket, and I have a beard and glasses, so I'm quite easy to spot! We'll be meeting on the 2nd floor of the main Library of Birmingham on Broad Street. Its spacious and has a pleasant environment. In case you need the post code, its B1 2ND. Punctual arrivals will be appreciated! Thank you. There's no fee. You may want to bring a sandwich and a drink for refreshments.

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Reconnecting to other people

Library of Birmingham