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High Day Ritual
As our ancestors once did, so we do today and so may our children do in the future... ... Please arrive on time so that we may provide a pre-ritual briefing to everyone and still start ritual no later than 7:30pm. As always, our ritual will be held outdoors. Please dress accordingly! Information about our ritual style can be found at: About Our Ritual Style ( More information about our grove can be found at: Larrea Tridentata Protogrove, ADF ( ** This is a public ritual and all are welcome. ** Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult who assumes responsibility for their charge's actions. We are currently unable to provide childcare, so if your child is unable or uninterested in being part of the service, it may be better to leave them home for the sake of your own experience as well as those around you. While attendance is free and open to everyone, rituals do cost money to perform. All donations are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible through the charter from our parent organization, Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) [a 501(c)3 charitable religious org]. All attendees are welcome to participate in the ritual as much or as little as they like; incense, oil and other items are provided to use for offerings. If you'd like to bring something of your own to offer, the Deities and Ancestors, in general, appreciate the sweet smells of incense as well as alcohol and silver objects. The nature spirits love edible seeds. All of our Kindred appreciate handmade goods and heartfelt poems and songs. All offerings are given to the Kindreds, taking them permanently out of human use (burned or otherwise eliminated/destroyed).

Larrea Tridentata Grove, ADF

2860 N. Bronco St. · Las Vegas, NV

What we're about

Within the brightness of the desert
Struggles for life abound
Upon the shores of a man-made lake
Receding waters sound
Across the wind-swept desolation
Druids rise to the call
Protect, preserve, give honor to the
Loving Mother of All

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Druids in Las Vegas!

We are a meetup group hosted by Larrea Tridentata Grove, ADF for anyone interested in druidism or druidry residing in or near the southern Nevada area.

If you love the Earth and all that She provides, and are ready to reach beyond the monotheistic 'Almighty God' and the duotheistic 'God and Goddess' to a universe filled with Deities, Spirits and Ancestors as separate, distinct and numerous as the millions of stars in the sky or humans and other creatures of the earth, then you've found a home for yourself here among the druids. Come on out to a meeting and learn about the virtues that guide our behaviors, the sources which inform our practice and the practices which strengthen our individual spiritualities. Perhaps we may entice you to celebrate with us at one of our High Day rituals where you can form your own connections to the numinous Beings who share our world, help us care for this land and the people on it at one of our Community Service activities, or just get to know the amazing lands that surround "The Meadows" on one of our hikes.

We hold rituals according to the 'standard' Neopagan calendar (every 6 to 7 weeks), Community Service activities quarterly, a discover Nevada type adventure or hike m,monthly, and study-group meetings weekly, all of which are open-to-the-public. We are a polytheistic group that falls somewhere in the middle of the range between hard reconstructionists and ultra-soft feel-good pagans with a strong leaning toward sound scholarship and scientific research. We use this study of history to inform our modern practice, but do not limit ourselves to the practices of our ancestors. Our rituals are formatted in the ADF-Style.

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