Druids' Weekly Meetup: Post-Ritual Review

Druids in Las Vegas & Southern NV
Druids in Las Vegas & Southern NV
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Every 7 weeks on Thursday


6870 W Cheyenne Ave · Las Vegas, NV

How to find us

Look for the Meetup sign, notebooks and battery-powered candle

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Learn about Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship (ADF), druidism/druidry, virtue, polytheism, myths, and the many other aspects of "Our Own Druidism" in a quiet family setting. Bring a notebook, bring your questions, and bring an open mind.

No one is required to purchase a meal and if this is your first meeting with the druids, then please enjoy our hospitality and a drink on us. Otherwise, we do ask that a drink at least be purchased to support the restaurant, as well as at least a dollar to tip the wait staff that put up with us all night. Meetings end when all are ready to leave.

Tonight's discussion is expected to be on:

Ritual Review - AD Rev. Kirk reminds us that there is no ritual so perfect that it can't be improved upon and no ritual so awful that some lesson can't be learned from it. Tonight we will discuss the previous week's ritual. How did it go? What insights or experiences would folks like to share about it? How might we improve for the next ritual? Book Review - ADF encourages all druids to read, read, read. This is the best way to understand and build a foundation for our understandings and experiences. Tonight we will relate which books we are each working on, whether they are on the Dedicant's reading list or not. We will discuss our progress since the last book review meeting, as well as challenges the book has presented us. These discussions will assist those who are pursuing the Dedicant's Path to complete their reports and, for the rest of us, it will encourage us to continue to learn.